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12 04 2008

Perhaps you noticed a new widget on the right side-bar. It is a thumbnail map obtained freely from ClustrMaps, allowing you to see at a glance where your site’s visitors are located. After (free) registration you obtain a (html-) code which you can insert in a text box widget. It works very similar to Librarything, Flickr etcetera. It is clearly explained how you should proceed for any blog-type and in my hands (!!!) it succeeded immediately.

However it took a day before anything happened. Quite frustrating an empty map.

Yesterday afternoon I suddenly noticed the appearance of 5 little spots, representing the number of visitors in the past day. Strikingly, just one spot was from the Netherlands and 4 from the USA/Canada, which of course relates to my recent English postings and mail list subscriptions.

My English posts are an experiment. At this moment I’m not sure about the right tactics. There is just a small niche for medical libraries and evidence based searching in the Netherlands. For a vivid discussion it would be nice if people abroad were able to participate as well. On the other hand there are many excellent English Blogs already. Who needs another-look-alike? In addition it takes me lots and lots of time to write in English. Finally I do seem to loose my Dutch followers. They seem to have gone with the wind.

So I wait and see. In a couple of weeks I will decide if and how to continue.


13-04-08: And here is the map of visitors from 10-04 till 13-04. Luckily the map is cumulative, earlier visits still count.

If you click on: Map with smaller clustrs you get a more detailed view.

Yeah, I’m a kind of statistic-freak. However deep in my heart I know the number of visitors and their location does not mean a lot. The main question is: did they find their visit worth wile?



3 responses

12 04 2008
Brughagedis George

Beautiful widget and a nice addition to your allready very cleverly organized blog. I will try to do my best some more to read your blog but it is a littlebit difficult. I hope you will succeed in you reaching your aims. It’s an interesting experiment. Wouldn’t it have been better if you only translated part of the content? In that way you don’t repell your Dutch readers. It’s also good that you explained why you switched to English, because I wasn’t sure about the reason.
With regards, tuatara

13 04 2008
Inca Athahualpa

Thank you very much Laika,

This is exactly the gadget I was looking for. For the totally self-absorbed person that I have turned into during this course, this gadget is the answer. Now I can see if my blogs are read all over the world. You did already discover that the only way out of oblivion is to write your posts in English 🙂

With regards,

Inca Athahualpa

30 09 2008
Locate Your Visitors (2) « Laika’s MedLibLog

[…] ClustrMaps A few months ago I blogged about how to use ClustrMaps for locating your visitors (see here). I still use Clustrmaps. The map is cumulative: you get an overview of where the visits cluster […]

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