FREE online course on evidence-based healthcare

14 04 2008

The U.S. Cochrane Center has launched a new online course on evidence-based health care-.

Although the free course is expressly designed for consumer advocates, it is also open and available for anyone seeking competence in evidence-based medicine. Presumably the course is also perfectly suited for medical librarians to get more acquainted with EBM-principles and critical appraisal. At least in the Netherlands I know of many librarians who would like to improve their skills in EBM. The course consists of six modules that illustrate key concepts in evidence-based health care through real-world examples. In all, the modules include 5 to 6 hours of lectures and case studies, divided into 10- to-15-minute segments. The expectation is that the course be completed within three months of registration.

The Course objectives are mentioned in the picture above.

The six modules are as follows:
  • Module 1. INTRO: What is evidence-based healthcare and why is it important?
  • Module 2. ASK: The importance of research questions in evidence based healthcare.
  • Module 3. ALIGN: Research design, bias and levels of evidence.
  • Module 4. ACQUIRE: Searching for healthcare information. Assessing harms and benefits.
  • Module 5. APPRAISE: Behind the numbers: Understanding healthcare statistics. Science, speed and the search for best evidence.
  • Module 6: APPLY: Critical appraisal and making better decisions for evidence-based healthcare, Determining causality.

More information at:


Het US Cochrane Centre heeft een online cursus ontwikkeld voor “consumers” (patiënten en anderen die ‘zorg’afnemen), zodat zij de basisprincipes van evidence based medicine beter begrijpen. Het uitgangspunt van de Cochrane Collaboration is namelijk dat patiënten leren inzien aan welke eisen een goede studie moet voldoen zodat juist ook zij een weloverwogen keuze kunnen maken over zaken die voor hun eigen gezondheid van belang zijn. Hoewel de gratis online cursus opgezet is voor deze doelgroep kan iedereen eraan deelnemen. De cursus lijkt me bij uitstek geschikt voor medisch informatiespecialisten/clinical librarians die hun EBM kennis en vaardigheden willen vergroten.



4 responses

14 04 2008
14 04 2008

Bedankt voor de tip!

15 04 2008

@ Heather: Thanks for your reply. Funny that the only english speaking ‘Spoetnikker’ replies to an English post in Dutch ;).

Are you also working in the same field?

17 06 2011

Dear Mr /Madam
Iam interested in the course , I need the steps to log in

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