1 May: RSS-DAY

5 05 2008


While trying to catch up with my 1000+ hits in Google (RSS) Reader I stumbled across numerous posts  that awared me that May 1st is the RSS awareness day. Since it is May 4th already I clearly missed this.

In the Netherlands May 1st is already “labour day”, and today (May 4th) it is commemoration of the dead (of World War II). For me more important facts/events to be aware of/commemorate/remember than RSS.

The funny thing of course is that the overwhelming amount of RSS-awareness-messages will mainly reach people that already have RSS, because these messages end up in their feeds. 🙂

With respect to RSS: For those of you that are not familiar to RSS here is a (dutch) overview and below a nice video that illustrates the RSS-process

For those who want to know more here is a link to a post which gives Seven Tips for Making the Most of Your RSS Reader.

Tip 1: oversubscribe is already implemented on this blog, the others deserve a closer look, although Tip 2 Try a River of News View will probably enhance the information overload at first.

Tip 7 : Try Out Additional Services seems particularly interesting. Amongst others it describes AideRSS a RSS tool that filters the most popular items in a feed and the Social bookmarking tool Ma.gnolia that makes it easy to make friends with interests similar to your own.

Still interested in another gadget? Here is a link to The YouTube RSS Generator, which will generate a RSS feed of Youtube videos based on Tag, Category, or your personal Youtube playlist. (Thanks to the tip of bakkel.com)


1 mei blijkt de dag van de RSS zijn. Mijn Google reader stond vol van de berichten hierover. Voor degenen die niet weten wat RSS is, zie hier een overzicht in het Nederlands. Hierboven ook een video.

Voor meer gevorderden onder ons hier een link naar 7 tips om alles uit je RSS te halen. Moet het nog goed doorlezen maar tip 7 lijkt me vooral interessant.

Tevens een link naar de “YouTube RSS Generator”, waarmee je een RSS feed kan maken van You tube video’s door je te abonneren op een Tag, Categorie, of persoonlijke speellijst. (Getipt door bakkel.com).

Ha en inmiddels zijn de Google Reader Feeds weer behapbaar.



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27 08 2008
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27 02 2009

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