Official MLA-conference bloggers (2)

26 05 2008

In a previous post I mentioned that the MLA (medical library association) 2008 meeting was covered by official conference bloggers and that these advanced medical-library-bloggers applied all the tools that we learned during our Spoetnik course.

I gave the name of 3 MLA-bloggers, just the ones that I already knew. When adding the other 7 to my feed I found out that at least 2 of these bloggers were newbies like us (Spoetniks) as well. On their blogs they make mention of their experiences with a web 2.0 MLA course. It seems that these web 2.0 courses are in great demand, especially (?) among librarians.

Here are the names of the 2 newbie-bloggers.

Leigh Mihlrad – Leigh’s Little Corner of the Web

Bryan Nugent – The Universe of Medical Librarianship

I found it interesting to read their experiences with a spoetnik-like web 2.0 course. The programs diverge in details (i.e. they cover mashups as well), but overall the experiences are very similar.

The full list of bloggers can (for instance) be found on David Rothman’s blog



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