Incorrect Google Incoming Links?

2 11 2008

Google links are a very handy tool for becoming aware who links to you. You can also use Technorati for this purpose, but these sources overlap: some links are unique for Google Links and others for Technorati.
Google Links alert me to blogs and reactions to my posts I would have missed otherwise. I wouldn’t have known for instance that my blog had been reviewed in the Gazette (see post “Laikas-little-party”). Often this leads to a mutually follow (via an alert).

Google links are the incoming links seen at the Dashboard and the blog Stats Page of WordPress Blogs (I don’t know if they are an automatic feature in other blog types as well).

Correct Incoming Links at Dashboard

These are only the most recent links. To see them all, you have to click at “See All” at the Incoming Links at your stats page (“More” at your dashboard page).

For those not having WordPress, you can also perform a Google link search yourself. Go to Google BlogSearch and type: link:your web address, in my case link:

Alternatively you can make a Google Alert at

It is also possible to take a RSS feed to Google Links by simply clicking the RSS-symbol at Incoming Links at the WordPress or by taking an RSS feed to the link you created yourselves in Google Blog Search


Since 2 weeks, approximately at the same time my Technorati Authority made a free fall from 46 to 5, some Incoming (Google) Links were lost. In addition, the links showing up were different:

  1. Incoming Links at WordPress, showing correct links.
  2. Incoming Links at WordPress, referring to all blogpost mentioning your website in their sidebar. The same links show up at Google Blog search. Most of these links are temporary.
  3. Cumulative results in Google Reader (all results, whether correct or incorrect, temporary or not).

Incorrect Links showing at WordPress's dashboard (after refreshing, confer Figure above)

This seems a mutual problem. There was a Google link at my blog to this post of Biomedicine on Display (see Figures), as well as a link to my blog at their blogroll, whereas neither blog had a recent post referring to the other…..

Wrong link to Laika's MedLibLog at Biomedicine at Display

Surely this is not what Google links are meant for. I don’t want alI posts of a certain blog showing up. I already have all kinds of alerts to the blogs I like. (Google Reader, Technorati, Twitter).

This makes me wonder:

  • Do you see similar incoming links that don’t really link to your post?
  • What causes these “wrong links”?
  • Why does WordPress show different results upon refreshing (the address, link:http etc remaining the same)
  • Has this anything to do with the Technorati problems?
  • Does anyone know to whom (at Google and/or WordPress) I should report these artifacts?



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3 11 2008
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3 11 2008
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3 11 2008

Wellcome in the world of SEO! Google is notorously unreliable for the determination of backlinks. (Has to to with reverse engineering their algorithm). Much better is the siteexplorer from Yahoo! try this one
Otherwise the Google webmaster tools are also of interest. but I don’t know how much you can achieve on a wordpress blog with those. But they’ll give the correct Google backlinks.

3 11 2008

Thnx, WoWter, I will try those!

By the way, do you understand why in WordPress (and in WordPress only) sometimes the good backlinks are seen whereas when you click at “see all” you always get the wrong ones (mixed with the good ones)? I would say it is one and the same web address (search)?

And do you know where you can submit questions regarding Google backlinks?

p.s. I ‘ve looked at the Yahoo link you gave. Very complete indeed: 6199 backlinks??!! Of course these also contain “wrong” backlinks, links from all posts from sites where I’m on the blogroll. I think I’ve hundreds of links from David Rothman, and many from Scanman. But they seem complete (didn’t check them all 😉 )….

5 11 2008
Peter Kirk

Laika, from what I have seen, over the last few weeks (but only intermittently, so I think they are working on a known problem) Google Blog Search has been showing all posts on blogs which have a link in their sidebar e.g. their blog roll, not just those which have a link in the post text. See also what I wrote a few weeks ago here.

19 11 2008
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