Grand Round 5.11 at Mexico Medical Student

2 12 2008

straussThis week’s Grand Round is up at Mexico Medical Student. Again with a music theme but now a rather heavy musical topic: Tod und Verklärung (Death and Transfiguration) by Richard Strauss. This music piece fits in well with healthcare (Death and end-of-life issues), the topic of this round (renewal, metamorphosis, change, transformation) and with what Enrico has gone through this last year (read his post here).

It is a very nice and well written Grand Round with a personal touch. (Detail: Enrico is the first Grand Rand Host to call me Jacqueline instead of Laika or whatever.)

Sharpbrains is hosting Grand Rounds on December 9th. For details, click here.

Grand Rounds Archive & Upcoming Schedule can be consulted at:

Furthermore a RSS-feed has been made to the Grand Round by Marshall Kirkpatrick.

Here’s the feed:, but you can also to subscribe by email (see form here)

By the way Marshall needs some volunteers to keep it going.




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