Grand Round 5.13 at ‘A Chronic Dose’

16 12 2008

This week’s Grand Round is up at A Chronic Dose.

best-medical-postsSince the end of 2008 is in sight, Laurie Edwards theme was “the best of 2008”.

So, please send along what you think is your “best” post of the year…and why. Whether it’s your funniest post, the one that was the hardest to write or stirred up the most dialogue, or touched on a topic that really matters to you, etc, I want to see it.

I found it difficult to choose which one was ‘best’. There really is not ONE particular best post, it is the mix. So I submitted 3 posts and let Laurie decide. Want to see what she selected and get an overview of the best medical blogpost over 2008, then visit Laurie’s grand round here.

Highlight Health will host next week’s edition.

Grand Rounds Archive & Upcoming Schedule can be consulted at:

Furthermore a RSS-feed has been made to the Grand Round by Marshall Kirkpatrick.

Here’s the feed:, but you can also to subscribe by email (see form here)



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