Grand Round 5.15 at Moneduloides. At the interface of evolution and medicine.

30 12 2008

The theme for the old year/new year Grand Round was not an easy one: “At the interface of evolution and medicine“. This theme was chosen to celebrate the coming bicentenary of Darwin’s birth, and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On The Origin of Species.


“Coming from the perspective of an individual who conducts medical research in evolutionary genetics, I have found that very few people outside of the world I work have been exposed to all of the ways evolutionary biology interfaces with medicine. My hope is that with this edition of Grand Rounds those who have not yet been exposed to this topic become, at the very least, sufficiently intrigued.”

Although there are less submissions than usual, the subject has been well covered by several bloggers. It has certainly triggered me to learn more about evolutionary biology and the implications on (clinical) medicine.

You can read the elaborate summaries at Moneduloides post here.

Interested in what Moneduloides means: it is derived from Corvus moneduloides, a crow species and the only non-primate animal known to invent new tools by modifying existing ones. Want to get a glimpse of Moneduloides, then read this article (“Evolutionary Biology Offers Glimpse Into Medicine’s Future”) in today’s Medscape Today!

Next Round is at Edwin Leap’s site.



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