Grand Rounds 5.16: On Profit in medicine and other cool stuff!

6 01 2009

3046846192_fb1aed3ccbEdwin Leap has the honor to host the first Grand Round of 2009. The theme of this week is profit in medicine.

“The value, or detriment, of financial profit in health-care. From doctors to pharmaceutical companies, universities to insurers and everything in between; is profit good or bad?”

To summarize Edwin’s view, here is his concluding remark:

“Until we re-discover Hippocrates, and what he was saying all those years ago, we’ll just have to do one of two things: keep paying people lots of money, or learn to do without care. That’s the way I see it, anyhow!”

Although not everyone sticks strictly to the topic (or interprets profit like ‘value’, as I did) it has become a very interesting round again with many posts touching the theme in one way or another.

Next Round will be will be hosted by Barbara Kivowitz at “In Sickness and in Health“.

Foto Credit: Adrianclarkmbbs – Flickr CC



One response

6 01 2009

I think the whole health care, including pharmaceuticals, industry is very corrupt. I can’t believe they things they do to gain a buck.

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