Top of the Tweets [1]

9 01 2009

People who read the “Clinical Cases and Images” blog of Ves Dimov wil undoubtedly know his series “Selection of My Twitter Favorites” (i.e. see edition 30)

This is how he introduces the series:

Twitter is a microblogging service where people answer the question “What are you doing?” via 140-character messages from their cellphone, laptop or desktop. You can select the messages you find useful, amusing, or both.

I enjoy his selection of tweets. But since Ves follows other people and lives in a different timezone, I thought it would be nice to present my own favorites. I’ve chosen tweets (twitter messages) that were funny or striking. This is certainly not the only value of twitter. The greatest advantage of Twitter is that it is an easy tool to share views and thoughts and useful links. Twitter is also very valuable for social networking.

Rereading the gathered tweets made me laugh or grin and posting them here will ensure that I will treasure them.

Below are the tweets of December last year (and one of 2009). I hope you like them.


* I’m planning to write some tips for (real) twitter beginners. Please tell me if you’re interested, and -if so-, what you would like me to discuss.

nl vlag NL flagHierboven een aantal tweets (korte berichten van 140 leestekens op Twitter) die me aan het (glim)lachen maakte en/of die ik heel treffend vond. Twitter is niet alleen voor de “lol”. Het belangrijkste nut is dat je heel snel contact kunt leggen met geestverwanten/collega’s over de hele wereld en dat het een makkelijke bron is voor uitwisseling van nieuwtjes, ideeen en links.

Voor wie meer wil weten over Twitter: ik ben van plan een introductie over Twitter te schrijven voor de echte beginner (die Twitter beroepshalve gebruikt). Schrijf me (evt per mail) wat jij graag zou willen weten.



8 responses

9 01 2009

Great stuff
Lovely synergistic adjunct to Clinical Cases
Well done, keep up the good work
Still voting for you!

9 01 2009

Great selection @laikas

9 01 2009
Victoria Powell

I love your favorites and always wonder “Where was I during this?” I can count on you to find the funnies I missed. Thanks for sharing.

9 01 2009

Nicely done, how did you get them in your post. I think selecting good tweets is an important topic, what to do with compulsive twitters is another
Kind Regards Dr Shock

14 01 2009
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18 01 2009

Een hele eer om in jouw ‘Hall of (temporarily) Twitterfame’ te staan:)
Grtz Jan

24 01 2009
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9 09 2009
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