Next Medlib’s Round: Start Gathering the Evidence.

18 03 2009

Are you already in the mood for the next Medlib’s Round? Still 2,5 weeks to go for the submission deadline. Don’t lay back, though, next month’s theme may require some pondering.
Anne Welsh, who will host the next MedLib’s Round on First Person Narrative came up with a very interesting theme (in fact my favorite one, but I’m biased): EVIDENCE.

“This month’s theme is evidence. You might post on critical appraisal or evidence-based medicine more generally. What can the medical approach teach us about evidence-based practice in general? What are the best sources for evidence? What do we do when there are no meta-analyses or systematic reviews on a topic? What about clinical consensus? What did we do before EBM took off in the mid-1990s?”

I hope that many of you may be inspired by the theme. However, any good quality post on medical information will be considered for publication. And as before not only medical librarians, but anyone interested in this subject is invited to contribute to the MedLib’s Round.

People without a blog of their own who would like to contribute to this event, are offered a guest blogger spot at Anne’s place. You are also welcome at my blog.

Read Anne’s post here for further details. Included in her post are some interesting links to information on EBM.

Submission is due midnight GMT on Saturday 5 April. You can submit the permalink (url) of the post (you have already written on your blog) at the Blog Carnival submission form (you have to login, scroll down (!), submit links to selected posts and give an optional description).

For more information, see the FAQs on this blog and the post of Anne.

Further Reading:

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