Grand Round 5.30 at Pharmamotion

14 04 2009

pharmamotionThis week’s Grand Round is up at Pharmamotion, the wonderful Pharmacology blog of Flavio Guzmán. Flavio is a MD who works as a teaching assistant at the Department of Pharmacology of the University of Mendoza in Argentina. The aim of his website is to offer a better understanding of pharmacology, by gathering freely available educational resources, like animations and videos, and drug information of reliable unbiased resources.

But this week Flavio is host of the Grand Round. Read his selection of submissions here.

The last two weeks, the Grand Rounds had very specific themes on very interesting subjects.

If you haven’t done so already, you might enjoy reading:

“Reflections on the way life used to be” by Leslie Michigan of Getting Closer to Myself (April 7). the theme was prompted by the fact that Leslie was diagnosed with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis for almost a year ago.

“I think about the way life used to be, I automatically think about change, and the myriad ways in which my life has changed over the past few years.”

“When things go awry” by Dr. Paul Levy of “Running a Hospital”. Paul Levy compiled (personal) stories about incidents or medical errors (March 31). His theme draws on the desire to encourage greater transparency in the delivery of clinical care.

It is a pity I didn’t have time to contribute to these rounds, because these subjects really strike a personal cord. Indeed, life has changed the first years after I got Sheehan syndrome, because things “got awry” at the hospital.– It is good to read these often personal stories.

Next edition will be hosted at Diabetesmine.



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