Top of the Tweets [3] – Elections, OmiGod!

15 04 2009

Twitter is a microblogging service initially meant as a place where people could answer the question “What are you doing?” via 140-character messages. But Twitter is more useful as a platform for breaking news, exchanging links, thoughts and views, and for social networking.

Twitter is particularly suited for oneliners that are funny or hit the mark. Below is my third selection of twitter oneliners that made me smile, grin or laugh. I hope you like them.

The first selection of tweets has to do with Elections. Although most may have lost some of their topicality they’re still catchy and funny.

The most important election was that of Obama (inauguration January 20).

Reed the tweets from down up and from left to right.Click the Figure to enlarge it.


Another historic election was the Medgadget competition, designed to showcase the best blogs from the medical blogosphere. Sandnsurf (Life in the fast Lane from Australia) and Laikas were finalists in the category Best New Medical Weblog of 2008.
Sandnsurf had some problems in the beginning: he couldn’t vote and, more importantly, he got few votes. But this was a typical example of “slow start, strong finish”: he won. In the meantime, Laikas was not very happy about how some votes were ‘won’.


And February 23 was the Oscar Contest. What is it with Australians and contests?


From OmiGod it doesn’t take many steps to the following tweets…..


……nor to the following, which are more in my own field:


You can find the first edition of Top of the Tweets here.

This series is inspired by the “Selection of My Twitter Favorites” of Ves Dimov at his “Clinical Cases and Images” blog.



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14 06 2009
QuoteURL: a Simple Way to Quote, Save and Publish Tweets « Laika’s MedLibLog

[…] the tweets in a text or word file, till you need them. This is for instance suitable for the series Top of the Tweets, where I collect funny tweets over time. Method 1: copy/paste […]

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