QuoteURL: a new Twitter Tool to Quote, Save and Publish Tweets

14 06 2009

Ever tried to catch and publish a twitter conversation? Hard, isn’t it, especially at WordPress.com where the lay-out is often difficult to control, if you just copy and paste.
Tweets also tend to disappear after approximately 3-4 weeks.  Thus if you want to capture them you should do it (relatively) soon after they have been tweeted.

A month ago I gave a presentation where I showed medical students a real fancy twitter-application with tweets of  doctors, patients and nurses giving them advice on how to use web 2.0 tools in medicine. Now the tweets have all gone….14-6-2009 0-13-00 Qoute URL logo

But the new Twitter Tool QuoteURL, developed by Fabricio Zuardi, offers a perfect solution.

It is a very intuitive and easy tool that allows you to collect several tweets, for instance answers to a question. A maximum of 4 tweets per quote are allowed for unregistered tweeps and 10 after free registration. The 10-tweet limit is only meant to keep Twitter API quotas under control, but you can twitter @fczuardi or email fabricio at fabricio dot org to ask for an exception (source: comment of Fabricio at onlinejournalismblog.com)

You can collect tweets in two ways:

1. Enter the Twitter status URL or ID (click on the date or on “view tweet”, depending on the interface). For instance http://twitter.com/laikas/statuses/2115296397. You can easily gather the tweets in a text or word file, till you need them. This is for instance suitable for the series Top of the Tweets, where I collect funny tweets over time.

14-6-2009 15-27-56 CECEM tweet 12

Method 1: copy/paste permalink

2. Drag or drop the tweet-URL’s from a split screen that shows pop-ups of  Twitter Home or Twitter Search in a separated window. Perform a search (figure) or go to your Twitter home page to drag permalinks into the text-field. Just drag the line that would show the url when you click on it.

Method 2. Drag and drop from spilt window

Method 2. Drag and drop from split window (click to enlarge)

QuoteURL arranges tweets chronologically, so you can drag them in in any order.

After you have collected the tweets you press the Save button and the permalink is created. To embed the Quote in your blogpost just copy the <!– QuoteURL styled embed start –> (lower right) in the HTML-view of your blog and the code appears)


  • Tweets can be collected by copy-pasting of the tweet URL’s or by dragging and dropping.
  • Tweets are ordered chronologically
  • The Quote can be saved as a permalink
  • You can mail the URL to someone or you can post it directly on your blog by copy-pasting of the embedded code
  • The individual tweet-URL’s can still be produced (click on dates).

Below is an example of a Quote made with QuoteURL. I thought it would be nice to show a recent discussion with the maker of QuoteURL @fczuardi. The permalink is: http://www.quoteurl.com/by608
WordPress.com shrinks the lay-out after saving. Other hosts may let the style intact. Still I find the result pretty awesome.

  1. laikas @fczuardi Hi, I like your Quoteurl – although the lay-out becomes less when saved on WordPress. Questions: can you add tweets (days) later??
  2. laikas @fczuardi Q2: do the quotes remain stable over time? (tweets normally disappear after 3-4 weeks) ; and the avatars?
  3. fczuardi @laikas regarding the layout on wordpress, you can get the unstyled version of the embed code and use your own CSS
  4. fczuardi @laikas the avatars breaking later is a known issue, the right thing to do would to cache those images, but the code does not do it yet

this quote was brought to you by quoteurl

The video gives more details about the whole procedure.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “QuoteURL“, posted with vodpod



8 responses

14 06 2009

This is exactly what I needed when I posted about the pituitary surgery tweeted live a couple of months ago. Excellent tool! Thank you for writing about it and Fabricio Zuardi for sharing it.

BTW, do you use Snag-it to do your graphics? I love that program, and whatever you are using is comparable to it.

Again, thank you.

15 06 2009
Bianca Berends

You could also take a look at http://printyourtwitter.com. It enables you to print and save your tweets and twitpics or those of the tweeple you follow. A new feature is that you can search tweets for hashtags or keywords and print or save them. Very handy for conference tweets or for journalists to keep track of events.

15 06 2009
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[…] Robin of Survive the Journey was so kind to send a song via blip.fm and then to organize a “twitter-party” by using the twitter-tool QuoteURL I had just reviewed on my blog (see here). […]

10 07 2009

How come the tweets you have copy&pasted have disappeared?

Thanks for the suggestion, I tried it, seems to work smoothly and efficiently!

16 08 2009
The Web2Marketer » Blog Archive » weekly (weekly)

[…] Read QuoteURL: a new Twitter Tool to Quote, Save and Publish Tweets […]

14 10 2009
Gunther Eysenbach

Also try twitter search in conjunction with WebCite (www.webcitation.org).
See http://gunther-eysenbach.blogspot.com/2009/04/how-to-cite-twitter-how-to-cite-tweets.html

11 04 2010
Sara (@StukjeS)

great! i’m glad with the result: http://stukjes.web-log.nl/stukjes/2010/04/tweek-13.html (i put the foto’s in)

11 04 2010

Good idea to insert the photo’s. Looks real good.

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