Web 2.0 Tools to Inspire … Teachers and others

16 06 2009

Judy O’Connell pointed out an interesting Slideshare presentation called “Web 2.0: Tools to inspire”.

It contains a lot of suggestions, especially in the field of education, like

Apart from the Social Networking Tools, there are many new suggestions. The tools seem particularly useful in the class room or in spare time.

For other free learning tools see a previous post:
Google Reader and other free (learning) tools.

Here is the entire presentation.

** tip of my daughter: http://www.picnik.com/ online photo editing (free)

* my tip: Snag-it (professional screen capture -can’t do without) <

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2 responses

17 06 2009
Clinical Cases and Images - Blog

Great links. I can see how it can be inspirational too. One minor concern is how many of these companies will be around in 12 months…

Regarding mind maps, Bubbl.us is my favorite free mind map tool. It’s simple, reliable and I have used it extensively at AllergyCases.org: http://bit.ly/12uVTh

I don’t have many of the newest websites in the latest version of my presentation about Web 2.0/Social Media in Medicine (started in 2005) but many people find it practical: http://bit.ly/18qsOG

Thank you, again, for assembling this useful list.

2 09 2009
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