MedLib’s Round: Call for submisions and hosts

2 08 2009

At the nick of time*, I would like to call for submissions for the MedLibs’round, the blog carnival about medical librarianship in the broadest sense of the word. Anyone can submit, as long as the post is relevant and of good quality. See the Medlib’s archive for examples.

Because of the small number of submissions, the deadline will be postponed by one day, which means that you can submit till (Sunday) midnight (EST). Submitting is easy: just submit the permalink (web address) of a post (you have already written on your blog) here at the Blog Carnival (registering required).

This MedLib’s Round (nr. 1.5) will appear at Pharmamotion, the blog of Flavio Guzmán (MD). Planned date: Tuesday August 4th.

And then there is an URGENT call for HOSTS for the coming months: September, October, November, December …
(submission deadline on every first Saturday of the month). It is my intention not to host more than one issue myself.

You’re welcome as a host when you’ve (some) knowledge of and interest in publication and medical information (searching, citing, managing, writing, publishing, social networking). And -of course- you also should have a blog.

Interested? Please contact me by email (laika dot spoetnik at gmail dot com), by twitter or by commenting to this post.


* still suffering from a jet lag after a wonderful vacation in Quebec, Canada.

2-8-2009 1-35-03 canada blog



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