MedLib’s Round: call for submissions.

2 09 2009

Here we go. MedLib’s Round is coming to Laika’s MedLibLog again.

The Medlib’s Round is a blogcarnival of “recent good quality blog post in the field of medical librarianship”, hosted by a different blogger each time.

Everyone can submit, as long as the posts are good quality posts on the subject. What subject? Well for instance: PubMed, Library 2.0, new search engines, information literacy, management of information and references, open access, medical i-phone apps, searches and search filters.

Submission is easy, just submit the permalink (web address) of a post (you have already written on your blog) here at the Blog Carnival (registering required).

See here for the Announcement. The FAQs can be found here.

Deadline for submissions is midnight Saturday 6th September (EST). Well a few hrs later will be accepted….


p.s. still looking for new hosts, please contact me if you would like to host the November or December edition.

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