How a Flu-Virus Invades your Body: An Animation

25 10 2009

I’ve seen “viral invasion, replication and spread” more elaborately and scientifically explained, but nothing comes near a clear visual and audible presentation of what happens on a micro-scale.

Here is a video on a Flu Attack that stirs the imagination.

And one thing or another, those kind of videos get really viral on Twitter and blogs as well.

When seeing the video you at least understand why CDC’s motto is: Cover it!

Cover your nose with a tissue when sneezing or coughing. Visit for more information.
Although the above video has the tags “swine” and “flu” and alludes to H1N1, it gives no specific information on H1N1 (Swine flu), but could be about any influenza virus. For information on H1N1 go to:

25-10-2009 16-30-34

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2 responses

26 10 2009
Heleen Dyserinck


Are you going to get a vaccination against influenza A (H1N1) – mexican flu yourself ? Somebody told me the vaccine contains mercury, which does not sound too pleasant.
As I work in a hospital (academic medical centre) people ask me for information.

What is your advice?

With kind regards,

Your colleague

29 10 2009

Hi Heleen,

I just got my seasonal flu shot and so did my daughter. We will also take the H1N1 Flu vaccine, but we have to wait 2-3 weeks for the first shot.

As always (with each intervention or preventive measures) you have to balance benefits and harms taken your risks.

As expected the vaccine will protect 60-70% of the vaccinated people. The course of the disease is usually “mild”, but certain groups have higher risk of serious side effects, including death. My daughter and I belong to these risk groups.

The vaccine seems (relatively) safe. It contains some mercury, but in a form (ethylmercury instead of methylmercury) that decomposes quickly in the body. Mercury is used as a preservative.

By the way the Official Dutch H1N1 information site is doesn’t give correct information : it says that that the vaccine contains no mercury. That’s wrong.

If I didn’t belong to a risk group I wouldn’t take the vaccine. But as a healthcare worker I would (to prevent vulnerable people getting it).

By the way, unlike the seasonal flue, older healthy people don’t belong to the risk group.


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