I’ve got Good News and I’ve got Bad News

26 01 2010

If someone tells you: “I’ve got Good News and I’ve got Bad News”, you probably ask this person: “Well, tell me the bad news first!”

Laika’s MedLibLog has good and bad news for you.

The Bad News is, that this blog didn’t make it to the Finals of the sixth annual Medical Weblog Awards, organized by Medgadget. (see earlier post)

The Good news is that this keeps me from the stress that inevitably comes with following the stats and seeing how your blog is lagging more and more behind. Plus you don’t have to waste time desperately trying to mobilize your husband to just press the *$%# vote button (choosing the right person: me), no matter how many times he says he doesn’t care a bit – (“and wouldn’t it be better to spend less time on blogging anyway?”)

This reminds me of something I’ve tried to suppress, namely that this blog didn’t make it to the shortlists of the Dutch Bloggies 2009 either (see Laika’s MedLibLog on the Longlist of the DutchBloggies!)

The Good news is that many high quality blogs did make it to the finals. Including The Blog that Ate Manhattan, Clinical Cases and Images, Musings of a Distractible Mind (Best Medical Weblog) , other things amanzi (Best Literary Medical Weblog), Allergy Notes, Clinical Cases and Images, Life in the Fast Lane (Best Clinical Sciences Weblog), ScienceRoll (Best Medical Technologies/Informatics Weblog).

Best of all, the superb blog I nominated for Best Medical WeblogDr Shock MD PhD made it to the finals as well!!

But it is hard to understand that blogs like EverythingHealth and Body in Mind with many nominations are not among the finalists. That underlines that contests are very subjective, but so are individual preferences for blogs. It is all in the game.

Anyway you can start voting for your favorite blogs tomorrow. Please have a look at the finalists here at Medgadget, so you can decide who deserves your votes.

Finally I would like to conclude with positive news concerning this blog. This week’s “Cochrane in the news” features the post on Cochrane Evidence Aid. It is on the Cochrane homepage today.

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Best Literary Medical Weblog
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9 responses

26 01 2010

Thanks @laikas
objective reporting as ever! I agree that there seemed to be a lot of well written support for body in mind and everythinghealth – not sure of the subjectivity of the final short list
I will organise a Dutch Medical Librarian Bloggers Awards 2009…

26 01 2010

I will keep you to your promise. But please restrict your contest to blogs written in the English language. Then I might have a chance.

And a lot of success with your & Chris’ blog in the contest. Fingers crossed.

26 01 2010
Dr Shock Md

Wow didn’t know that, thanks, kind regards Dr Shock

26 01 2010
Good News and Bad News about The Medical Weblog Award 2009 | Dr Shock MD PhD

[…] Laika’s MedLibLog was nominated for the medical weblog award 2009. She didn’t make it to the final although I think her blog is an excellent mixture of librarian ship and web 2.0 with a lot of medical information well written and better to read than what I usually write. […]

26 01 2010
Tweets that mention I’ve got Good News and I’ve got Bad News « Laika’s MedLibLog -- Topsy.com

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Laika (Jacqueline), sandnsurf. sandnsurf said: Blogging: I’ve got Good News and I’ve got Bad News http://bit.ly/5mqAqZ /via @laikas […]

27 01 2010
Heidi Allen

Thank you for the mention of Body In Mind, as new kids on the block it’s an honour to be mentioned here. I am a surprised that Laikas MedLibLog wasn’t in the finalists, the caliber of this blog is excellent. That said, there are some great blogs in the finalists and we’ll be voting, just wish we could be voting for you too.

29 01 2010
Practicing Medicine in the Web 2.0 Era « Laika’s MedLibLog

[…] I’ve got Good News and I’ve got Bad News (laikaspoetnik.wordpress.com) […]

25 02 2010

Whether you win an award or not, there are many dedicated readers of your blog out here in the world, so keep on writing!!

9 03 2010

Thanks Kathleen (@creaky) for your heads up.

All the others thanks as well. @heidi we discussed this at length at Twitter & Facebook. Funny how discussions cross platforms.

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