Research Blogging Awards 2010

5 03 2010

Research Blogging Awards 2010It is now possible to vote for the winners of the 2010 Research Blogging Awards.

Yet another blog contest, I can hear you say.

Yes, another blog contest, but a very special one. It is a contest among outstanding bloggers who discuss peer-reviewed research.

There are over 1,000 blogs registered at, responsible for 9,500 posts about peer-reviewed journal articles.

By February 11, 2010, readers had made over 400 nominations. Then, according to, “the expert panel of judges painstakingly assessed the nominees to select 5 to 10 finalists in each of 20 categories”.

The categories include:

  • Research Blog of the Year  with some excellent blogs like Neuroskeptic (RB page) and Science-Based Medicine (RB page)
  • Blog Post of the Year
  • Research Twitterer of the Year including David Bradley, Dr. Shock and Bora Zivkovic
  • Best New Blog (launched in 2009)
  • Best Expert-Level blog 
  • Best Lay-Level blog 
  • Funniest Blog 
  • Blogs in other languages, like German and Chinese
  • Blogs according to specialty like Biology, Health, Clinical Research, NeuroScience, Psychology etc

I was surprised and honored to note that Laika’s MedLiblog is finalist in the section Philosophy, Research, or Scholarship. Another librarian, Anne Welsh of First Person Narrative is also finalist in this section.

  1. First Person Narrative (RB page)
  2. Christopher Leo (RB page)
  3. The Scientist (RB page)
  4. Laika’s MedLibLog (RB page)
  5. Good, Bad, and Bogus (RB page)

It is now up to you, researchbloggers to vote for your favorite blogs. You don’t need to vote for all categories. It is simply too much and in case of Chinese blogs wouldn’t make much sense either.

You can only cast your vote if you are registered with
If you’re not registered (and you blog about peer-reviewed research), you still have time to register. See here for more information. This way you can vote, and most important, can contribute to with your review of peer reviewed scientific articles.

Voting closes on March 14, and awards will be announced on on March 23, 2010.



8 responses

8 03 2010

I notice we’re in the same section. Shame 🙂

9 03 2010

Shame indeed. Our paths seem to cross regularly.

Perhaps comforting to know that this blog has been nominated more than once, but never won. 😉

9 03 2010

Heh, yes. We don’t have the sort of blogs that win awards—and I don’t believe that statement reflects on the quality of writing.

9 03 2010

I have to agree with you once again. 😉

But there is more to a blog than quality of writing, like the size of your audience.
For this particular contest you need fans in the domain as well. Mmmm.

So your odds are better than mine and you have a nominated post as well… So congrats & good luck with this one!
Although deep down… I hope I will beat you, former lab rat!!!
(Ooh, almost forgot, in a former life I was a lab rat as well)

9 03 2010

Maybe! But if I lose to you, I won’t be disappointed!

9 03 2010

I won’t be either. Good luck & thanks.

23 03 2010


23 03 2010
Researchblogging Awards. Beaten by a (Former) Rat. « Laika’s MedLibLog

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