#Friday Foolery 19: #Funnydoctornames

12 03 2010

Last Tuesday I went to my dentist named Joy and I tweeted:

  1. Laika (Jacqueline)
    laikas Although my dentist’s name is Joy and although she is the best dentist in the world, going to the dentist is still not my favorite thing!

Within no time other people (doctors, healthcare workers as well as librarians) responded to this tweet with their own funny Doctor-names.
Doc_rob even
created the hashtag #funnydoctornames. Searching for this hashtag, I found tweets I had missed, because they were directed to doc_rob and not to me.

Below some of the tweets, oldest ones first:

  1. Laika (Jacqueline)
    laikas Although my dentist’s name is Joy and although she is the best dentist in the world, going to the dentist is still not my favorite thing!
  2. martha
  3. doc_rob
    doc_rob @laikas We had a cardiologist named Dr. Killam.
  4. Claire Hayward
    EnableOT @doc_rob @laikas – my husband works with Dr Evill!
  5. Claire Hayward
    EnableOT @laikas @doc_rob at school I was taught by german teacher Herr Cutts!
  6. Jenny Reiswig
    bmljenny @laikas I worked at a place where there was a Dr. Medline. I thought that was pretty hilarious.
  7. doc_rob
    doc_rob I heard of a proctologist named Ben Dover, but that may have been fictitious. #FunnyDoctorNames
  8. Matthew Bowdish MD
    MatthewBowdish @doc_rob I know a gastroenterologist named Dr Bowlus #funnydoctornames
  9. kevin johnson
    dockj @doc_rob #FunnyDoctorNames We had a resident, Dr. Merlo rotating with Dr. Pino. Fortunately not many Pediatric patients needed Detox.
  10. Sarah Vogel
    sevinfo @laikas A friend goes to a dentist called Dr. Jolly

this quote was brought to you by quoteurl

Doc_rob (although mentioning Bend-Over as proctologist) warned: “Just not the obvious urologist names… #FunnyDoctorNames!
But of course these are the most hilarious. Symtym for instance points at a funny story regarding vasatomy featuring Dr. Donald Snyder, an urologist and dr Dick Chopper, a surgeon. Medpiano immediately mentioned Dr Seaman, the urologist, while  Doc_Rob himself linked to a whole page with funny medical names, listed per discipline. Like:

  • OB/GYN: Dr. Wiwi, Dr Ono; , Dr Fillerup (as in fill-her-up), Dr Dildy; Dr Cherry, Dr Love, Dr Semen, Dr In Hur, Dr Bunn, Dr Hooker, Dr Finger, Dr Cocks, Dr Nippel, Dr Beaver (3), Dr Biggerstaf
  • GI: Dr. Puppala, Dr Butt
  • Surgeons: Dr Cutts, Dr Slaughter (3), Dr Kutteroff, Dr Butcher
  • Urology: Dr Peter Poor , Dr Waterhouse and Dr Dick Finder
  • Psychs: Dr Alter, Dr Brain, Dr Strange, Dr Moodie, Dr Nutt, Dr Crabb, Dr Dement
  • Pediatricians:  Dr Jelley; Dr Small,  Dr Tickles,  Dr Sno White, Dr Toy, Dr Kidd (4 )

Of course there are many other lists on the Internet like this one. But the above list is very thorough and is preceded by a list of references pertaining to “Research into nominative determinism”. This may not be surprising as the list was started by Kathy Tacke, a Library Manager, on the MEDLIB-List.

Know any other funny medical/doctor names? Please tell me!


Voor Nederlanders: wij hebben natuurlijk ook heel grappige doktersnamen. Mijn vorige tandarts heette bijv. Dr Snijders (en als marinier deed hij zijn naam eer aan). Mijn ex-collega heette dr. Quack. En Beenhakker is ook een naam die veelvuldig voorkomt onder orthopeden & chirurgen. Hier is een NL-lijst met wat namen, zoals

  • Dr. I.L. Boor, Dr. Snoep, Dr. Vulinghs (Tandarts)
  • Dr. Knipscheer, Dr. Lips, Mevr. Ooievaar (Gyneacoloog, vroedvrouw)
  • Dr. Kortleve
  • Dr. Plasmans, van den Fonteyne, Daisy Dratatie (uroloog)
  • Dr. Zuur (Scheikundige)
  • Drs. Pillen (apotheker)

Kent u meer grappige namen van mensen uit de gezondheidszorg, zeg het mij!

Dr Wiwi; Dr Blessing (FP with OB sideline), Dr Ono; Dr Risk, Dr Fear, Dr Yell, Dr Lecher, Dr Dibble, Dr Fillerup (as in fill-her-up), Dr Hyman, Dr C. Surgeon, Dr Risk, Dr Beavers, Dr Polke, Dr Jamm, Dr Boddy (pronounced body, “bawdy”); Dr Dildy; Dr Cherry, Dr Love (many Loves, especially the partnership Drs. Love and Nerness), Dr B. Savage, Dr Dickman, Dr Pillow, Dr Fear; Dr Fingerhut.; Dr Popp, Dr Spoon, Dr Hyman, Dr Bush, Dr Kuntz, Dr Pap, Dr Storck, Dr Kum, Dr Semen, Dr In Hur, Dr Hatch.; Dr Heinie.; Dr Bunn, Dr Wiwi, Dr Dick, Dr Grab, Dr Catching, Dr Gass, Dr Handwerker, Dr Born, Dr Angel, Dr Sunshine, Dr Fagnant, Dr Hatcher, Dr Hooker, Dr Finger, Dr Cocks, Dr Nippel, Dr Lipps, Dr Payne, Dr Beaver (3), Dr Biggerstaf



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12 03 2010

There was a Dr Headstream who practiced urology here when I first went into practice. He retired more than 10 yrs ago.

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