Silly Saturday #25 Librarians do Gaga

29 05 2010

You probably have seen it all. First at Nikki Dettmar’s blog “Eagle Dawg‘s, then retweeted through the Twitterverse and finally even mentioned by Boing Boing (thanks @drShock). But as a librarian and a former dancer I just can’t resist this video, even though I seldom use the ca, ca, catalog….

Enjoy! it is much better than the Eurovision Songfestival, which I didn’t follow live but was “forced” to follow on Twitter. Well in a certain way the #eurovision tweets were quite enjoyable (and preferable to the live songs, I think). At visible Tweet you can follow the recent ones (for a week or so).

And now for the Librarian GaGa. Librarians rock. ♥♥♥ You did know that, didn’t you?

“Librarians do Gaga” was an entry at the the iSight Film Festival. The video was produced by Sarah Wachter, a student in the iSchool’s Master in Library and Information Science program and the dancers were students and faculty members from the University of Washington’s Information School



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30 05 2010
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17 06 2010

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