Friday Foolery #28 Radiant Pin-Up Calendar

18 06 2010

It is HOT & Radiating.

Eizo, a medial diagnostic supply company, issued a very special pin-up calendar.
No body part was concealed from the girls, exposed to the camera…. It is really very original…

But..…Why does no one pose the question whether this illuminate work [full body irradiation x12 (if the same girl poses on the calendar), x attempts ……]  is a responsible thing to do? It is no CT-scan, but still…

The calendar was made by the agency Butter; First seen on: Daily Art Press

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2 responses

8 07 2010

I hope this can not cause or potentiate cancerous migrational effect in the body, Is it GODLY????????????????????

12 09 2010
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[…] Friday Foolery #28 Radiant Pin-Up Calendar ( […]

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