The Library of the University of Amsterdam goes… DigiZine with UvaLink. Beep Beep.

3 08 2010

Yesterday I went to the Facebook page of Alice Doek,  head of information services at Library of the University of Amsterdam (UBA), to wish her a happy birthday. As an organizer of the UBA-SPOETNIK course on NEW Internet communication methods for librarians, Alice inspired the start of this blog.

At her Facebook page I read about the latest Web 2.0 initiative of the UBA, Alice contributed to: UvA-link.
UvA-link is a magazine about the University Library (UB) and the Central Computer Service (IC) of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) with videos, moving images, sounds and other special effects: in other words a DigiZine.

Such a DigiZine is indescribable. So please have a look yourself. And don’t forget to click on the links or signs like at the start of a chapter!

The DigiZine is literally an eye-catcher: it starts with an eye which apparently looks at turning pages, it continues with a conversation between directors of the IC and UB about the future of information – they seem to step right out of the digital magazine-, a moving collage about web lectures, etcetera.

UVA-link is a smart piece of work and probably a good tool to reach library users and draw their attention to existing services. Well done!
I enjoyed reading it, although care must be taken not to overdo it: the e-part must be functional, else it can become annoying. Like the car that keeps on beeping on the page introducing OTOO*(Online toepassingen voor onderzoek en onderwijs), even after following a link.
It does remind me of the toys my girls used to have, with colorful buttons that produced mechanical sounds when pressed upon (and it seems that toddlers just can’t get enough of it) ….. Scientists, even students, are beyond that stage…
(*propably OTOO is derived from the Dutch word for car: AUTO, which is pronounced as OTOO by kids)

By the way, the OTOO-page is another new initiative of the UBA. It is a (Dutch) instruction on social media and its use for education and academia. It mostly consists of text with many links to other pages or videos. Really useful.
IMHO, however, it needs to be jazzed up to become more attractive for beginners, that have no idea about the possibilities of social media. Perhaps this OTOO-page needs to be wrapped up with a bit of DigiZine? Just suggesting….

In short,
UvA-link  is a DigiZine about the University Library and the Central Computer Service for staff and students of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). UvA-link will appear four times a year. You can subscribe (only by email) via the top right button in the magazine.

Even non Dutch-speaking people might enjoy taking a look. Perhaps it might inspire to make a similar DigiZine for your library, company or whatever purpose.





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3 08 2010

I posted a comment on your CMV chronic fatigue forum that you had posted a while ago. If you have time, if possible could you please read it and let me know your views. Thank you very much.

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