Friday Foolery #38. April’s Fools 2011

1 04 2011

How is (was) your April Fool Day (today)?

Mine was really quiet.

Only my youngest daughter (11) was fooled …. by her teacher. She has 2 teachers. Today (April 1st), one of them was to be replaced by another. When the class started,  the main teacher came in and said: “Sorry guys, the new teacher couldn’t make it: she is ill” . Then she left … to come back with the new teacher. A lovely April Fools day joke. And a good way to introduce the new teacher.

As usual, the web was full with jokes and hoaxes too.

According to Search Engine Land Google had already won April Fools day, even before  April 1st had reached Mountain View.

Indeed many Google jokes were really good. Like the gmail-motion (a new motion technology that interprets physical movements to translate it).
And the development of a new Android app that translates your pets words into human language.
This was also covered by GrrlScientist at Punctuated Equilibrium (Guardian Science)

Not mentioned at Search Engine Land, is what happens if you Google “helvetica” ….
(It also worked with “comic sans” by the way)

In the Netherlands, there was an advertisement for new SENSEO® beer pods giving you a full, cold glass of Heineken beer (only to be used in combination with the Philips SENSEO®  coffee pod system Hot ‘n Cold®). See for the full advertisement.

More for insiders is the april Fools Blog Post by Scholarly Kitchen: The Free Lunch Is Over: Scholarly Kitchen to Erect Pay Wall Tomorrow. They reason: “If a pay wall is good enough for the New York Times, it’s good enough for us.”

Did you know, there is a web site that keeps track of the major April Fools’ Day Jokes that Web Sites have run each year (from 2004 till today):
Besides the Google Jokes, there are several other good traps this year: A Blackberry with no screen, Pay what you weigh for your airline seat & All donations going to church of scientology (

And just when you think it’s over and you save your last draft just before 00.00 am, you notice that WordPress puts in a word too.

I think it is the least successful joke I’ve seen today….

Have a nice weekend!



3 responses

7 04 2011

hey wordpress did that to me too! amped my pageviews 10x. imagine my pain when reality bit me in the backside! 😡

15 04 2011
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