BlogWorld Expo [SOTB]: Two Additional Videos

25 10 2009

s739843689_121258_9975 dr valToday I learned there were two more videos realted to the BlogWorld Expo, that I shouldn’t withhold you.

First, the ABC News Covered the Medblogger Track At Blog World Expo. Here is an interview with Dr. Val Jones with Dave Lucas of ABC.

The video “Medical Bloggers On ABC News: Empowering Patients With Accurate Information” is summarized as follows at her blog Get Better Health:

….”Dave Lucas is tired of all the false health information that fills his email inbox each day. He’s very relieved that there are physicians, nurses, and patient advocates “swimming against the tide” of pseudoscience and misleading health information online. Today Dave and I discussed how people can find accurate and potentially life-saving health information through peer-reviewed medical blogs, thanks to the health blogger code of ethics (administered by MedPage Today)”.

Another interview was with Paul Levy, President and CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, and author of Running a Hospital. Paul participated in a panel discussion as part of the Medblogger Track (co-sponsored by Johnson & Johnson and MedPage Today). Because the video is barely audible, I just mention his main statements (highlighted in red in the video shown here at the JNJ Health Channel):

  • Paul writes his blogposts without any prior permission or approval process
  • It is quicker to fix a mistake on a blog, than it is in traditional media
  • Biggest regret is responding to sarcastic or hostile comments in kind instead of staying above the fray

Medical Bloggers On ABC News: Empowering Patients With Accurate Information

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Twitterview with Berci of Scienceroll

11 12 2008

If you are a reader of this blog you probably know that Twitter is a popular social networking and “micro-blogging” service that allows you to send updates of maximal 140 characters, also called tweets.

New to my vocabulary is Twitterview. This is an interview held via Twitter. Questions and answers are therefore constricted to 140 characters.

Today at 12:00 EST @Berci (Bertalan Meskó) was twitterviewed by @diariomedico of Diariomedico, a Spanish Medical Site.

Bertalan is a Hungarian medical student, writer of the blog Scienceroll, founder of Webicina, tutor in and connaisseur of web 2.0 tools. He also hosts several blog carnivals. And he uses Twitter as one of the web 2.0 tools to keep informed.

You can still read the short questions and answers in the characteristic 140 character-long format here:, which is a twittersearch for (@diariomedico OR #DM1) since:2008-12-10 until:2008-12-10.
Alternatively, you can perform a search yourselves at Twittersearch and take a feed to the query, i.e. to follow upcoming twitterviews of

A short note of Berci on his interview is posted at his own blog (here)

A selection of (mainly) answers appears below.