Happy Anniversary Highlight HEALTH, ScienceRoll & Sterile Eye!

13 12 2011

Starting a blog is easy. But maintaining a blog costs time and effort. Especially when having a job/while studying (and having a private life as well).

This blog almost celebrates its 4th year (February 2012).

I’m happy to notice that many established (bio)medical & library blogs, that inspired me to start blogging, are still around.

Like one of the greatest medical blogs, CasesBlog by Dr Ves Dimov. And the medlib blogs The Search Principle blog by Dean Giustini and the Krafty Librarian by Michelle Kraft.

All these blogs are still going strong.

The same is true for the blog ScienceRoll by Bertalan Mesko (emphasis on health 2.0), that celebrated its 5th anniversary last month. That same month Sterile Eye (Life, death and surgery through a lens) celebrated its 4th year of existence.

This month Highlight Health (main author Walter Jessen) celebrates its 5th year anniversary.

And the nice thing is that Highlight Health celebrates this with prize pack giveaways.

There are 4 drawings. Each prize pack consist of the following:

All you have to do is to subscribe to the blog in the form of an email alert. People, like me, who are already subscribers are also eligible to participate in the drawings. (see this post for all info)

With so many ‘golden oldies’ around, I wonder about you, my audience. Do you blog? And if you do, for how long? Please tell me in the poll below.

If you are a (bio)medical, library or science blogger (blogging in English), I would appreciate if you could fill in this spreadsheet as well. You are free to edit the spreadsheet and add names of other bloggers as well.

First Anniversary of this Blog

7 02 2009


This week is my one year anniversary.

I would like to thank all my readers for following along with my blog.

Thanks for your encouragements, comments and inspiration.

I’m glad I entered the web 2.0 world, but it would have been empty without you.

I hope you keep connected!

Laika (Jacqueline)

Foto credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/charlietakesphotos/118424928/

Response From Twitter


Free HILJ 25th Anniversary Supplement

6 11 2008


Health Information and Libraries Journal (HILJ) celebrates its 25th anniversary.

To mark the journal’s anniversary a special celebratory issue, guest edited by Andrew Booth, is being published in December 2008.
Contributors to this supplement include such well known names as Muir Gray, William Hersh, Margaret Haines, Ann McKibbon and Joanne Marshall.

These commentators and others follow the evolution of the journal from its origins on the first editor’s kitchen table in the early 1980’s to its 2008 electronic editorial office. They also survey the past 25 years of health care information services and look to what the future may hold.
The supplement in divided into various sections including:

  • evolution of the journal;
  • 25 years of learning and teaching in action;
  • 25 years of information technology in libraries;
  • 25 years of using evidence in practice;
  • widening panoramas:incorporating health informatics and international perspectives;
  • and future perspectives.

The issue will be available free online forthcoming December at www.blackwellpublishing.com/hilj

Nice detail: To get HILJ-readers involved a special wiki is created (http://yourjournal.pbwiki.com/) where people can submit their contributions.

Brought to my attention by: Suzanne Bakker, Editorial advisory board of HILJ