Silly Saturday 23 # Twitter Cartoons

15 05 2010

Like my previous Silly Saturday/Friday Foolery this a post in the style of “A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words”.

It also fits in with my last post: “A Quantitave Study suggests that Twitter is not Primarily a Social Networking Site”

[1] As a matter of fact the first cartoon is from the presentation of Haewoon Kwak et al that I reviewed in that post, although they used it in a different context.

What do you think when you see this cartoon (by Ian D. Marsden)?

My first impression is that someone twitters instead of helping people out when there is a riot, accident, terrorist attack etc., but its meaning is positive: “During the Iranian election unrest Twitter was used as a powerful tool to get news out of the country”

[2] Twitter as it is seen by many…

A bit of self-mockery is always sound. Although of course my Twitter behavior is quite unlike that depicted above.

[3] But I do recognize the behavior of Twitter sheep like these (and I don’t mean the lonely sheep but the ‘sheepish followers of celebrities). Brilliant cartoon by Gerald the Sheep (Ben Gallagher)

[4] Noise to Signal also posts some excellent Twitter-cartoons (and Facebook, i-pad etc). The Cartoon below (from RobCottingham) is from the post: “Mommy, where do hashtags come from?” Do you know where # come from?

Here a real-world example of the confusion hashtags (#) can cause…

"There are 3 hashtags in use, which one is the real one?"

That is it for now.

And also from Ramona 🙂  ….Glad I’m not a lonely sheep)…


  1. Cartoon: Iranian Election Demonstrations and Twitter » Iranian Elections and Twitter by Ian D. Marsden on Marsden Cartoons
  2. Twitter Sheep : Gerald-sheep at
  3. “Mommy, where do hashtags come from?” from Noise to Signal (Rob Cottingham)

Friday Foolery #12: A Happy Twitter Song

20 11 2009

There are many Twitter Comics around, many showing the downside of Twitter (with a smile).

But here is a cheerful song, showing that on Twitter “one is loved, loved, loved”. Enjoy!

hattip: @2525 (Francisco van Jole on Twitter)

“No and I won’t stop Tweetin’ no more, no more……”