What is wrong with Technorati?

27 05 2008

This is the message I got from Technorati: favorites will be right back.

O.k. those things can happen.

But I’m seeing this message for a week now.

Right back? When?

Am I the only one having this problem?


May 27th: 16.00: While trying to get to the Technorati support staff, I found a Technorati Support Blog with an official (?) announcement on the (May 20th) saying:

Favorites / Fans currently Down.

Apologies for any inconvenience!! We are working on it and it should be back up soon. A message will be posted here when it is back up. Thanks for your patience.

So it is a general (and long lasting) problem. Hopefully it will be resolved (real) soon.


May 27th 16:17. ha, ha, ha. have a look at the possibly related posts to this post.

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