Silly Saturday [32] Do You Know Who’s Watching You?

28 08 2010

Curious to know “who is watching you” then watch the infographic* made by (a marketing company).

A previous post already addressed privacy problems with Facebook (also showing infographics).  Here is also described how you can reclaim your privacy using a simple bookmarklet.

* At Wordstream I could only find this infographic, which is part of the infographic shown above. The entire infograph was taken from Power of Data Visualization (, and also found at Thoughtpick. Both refer to Wordstream without linking to a particular page.

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Friday Foolery #31 Waving goodbye… (or not?)

13 08 2010


(it was August 4th,  I remember I was at home multitasking
(twittering, blogging, mailing, scratching my back, playing
patience, humming a tune and looking out of the window)






(HT: @drves)

Google Flops & Failures – The Failed Google Graveyard

 Google Failures and Google Flops - A list of Google Mistakes

I still miss Google Notebook . AND Google Wave sure had great potential

To think that a year ago I told people in a workshop that Google Wave could make their live easy 😉

Google Wave had potential, especially as a collaboration tool….

See this post at Tip of the Iceberg (how appropriate) describing how Google Wave was used  to collaborate with students.

Since much of the Code is open sourceambitious developers may pick up where Google left.

But some people hope Google Wave may be saved. It might for instance be worth saving for health systems.

Want to Save the Wave”? ….. Then click on the following image and express your support.

click to sign the petition

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Silly Sunday #30 FIFA, World-Cup, Orange, Octopuses & More

11 07 2010

The Netherlands turns orange again, the colour of the Dutch Team. After 32 years, Oranje plays the World Cup final tonight.

A good moment to write a Silly Sunday post, with some silly and some less silly topics.

Lets begin with the serious ones.

It seems that not all African countries love football.

The al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabab has banned playing soccer in Somalia. It prohibits broadcasts of the World Cup, describing the sport as “a satanic act” that corrupts Muslims. They threaten Somali soccer players and anyone who has challenged their extreme views. Worse, in the past month, they have killed at least five people for watching the World Cup. Read more at the Washington Post and at (NL)

Despite concerns about South Africa‘s ability to host the World Cup, so far the tournament has gone off without any major incidents.  The major hiccups concerned transport.

I enjoy the football matches, I like the chit-chat at tv about the Dutch team, but I’m not charmed by the way the FIFA keeps the organization in a stranglehold like a giant octopus. And I’m not talking about FIFA’s non-response to wrong decisions of referees nor its unwillingness to introduce new technology to assist the referees. But about the non-transparancy and their too big fingers (or rather arms! aka monopoly) in the pie of football revenues. The latter permits it to extract immense rents from countries (US$1 billion per year, with an additional US$ 3 billion generated in the year when the World Cup is held). Most of its revenue is generated through their control over television and marketing rights for games.
As I’ve experienced in the UK last week, the Dutch NOS-television blocks abroad, because the NOS is under contractual obligation to broadcast only in the Netherlands.  The FIFA also has a strict regulations with respect to advertisements. The entire world could witness that women were arrested because they wore Dutch orange dresses with microscopic Bavaria logos, because official sponsor Budweiser is the only beer company allowed to advertise within FIFA venues (see
More seriously are the consequences of this monopoly for South Africa. Read why the Daily Maverick concludes that “the price of staging this spectacle is that we had to make a deal with the devil. We signed over sovereign rights to foreigners who, secretly, despise us.”

Social Media and Football don’t seem to go hand-in-hand. Mashable reports that besides alcohol and sex, coaches increasingly institute ad hoc bans on social media sites. “So far, players on the teams from Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Holland, Germany, Argentina and England are forbidden to use social services such as Twitter.”

As a link to the humorous part, Dutch can read this  column of Youp van het Hek in the NRC about Budler (and more).

Many Brazilians disliking Brazil’s leading sports announcer, Galvão Bueno, twittered “Cala Boca Galvão.”, which means “shut up Galvão”. It became a trending topic on Twitter and tweople start asking what it meant. Someone made up it meant “Help us save the Galvão birds”. In fact “gavião,” (hawk) resembles Galvão.  Websites and videos were made to substantiate this. The Brazilian author Paulo Coelho wrote on Twitter: “CALA BOCA GALVÃO is the Brazilian version of a homeopathic remedy SILENTIUM GALVANUS.” (sources: NY Times and [nl]). So indirectly animal lovers and animal rights activists helped to spread the word like parrots… A brilliant practical joke.

Speaking about homeopathy, the Octopus Paul who has accurately predicted all knock-out matches till now seems to be an example of a placebo-effect: believing in a certain outcome helps to establish this. People take it very seriously, and threatened to use the octopus as an ingredient in a meal. Not paella, because the octopus has favored Spain as the Winner. However, I seriously doubt the experimental settings, as one of the boxes the octopus can choose from is always closer to the octopus than the other, and he always seems to choose the closest (possibly he is not psychic, but intelligent). Furthermore, the experimenters were not blinded to the outcome and neither was the octopus.
By the way the Octopus has competition of an exotic birdan Aardvark, a chimpanzee and others who all have predicted another outcome of the Final, namely the victory of the Dutch!! However, some have accused the animals of orange bias.
Anyway in support of the Dutch I have changed my avatar on Twitter (right).

By the way I was completely fooled earlier this week by a hoax of the journal the Telegraaf who showed this picture:


Real fanatics can install this Personas Firefox add-on to support your team and compete for the Firefox Cup.

Onion Sports presents an interactive visual guide for the new soccer fans, especially Americans 😉

Here is an updated results scheme for the world cup brand war. Since the brands do supply the goods to enhance natural talent and performance, this may be another way of predicting the outcome. Alas (again), the Dutch are sponsored by Nike, and the Spanish by Adidas. Adidas has won almost all matches till now (except against Holland once) (source:

And here: World Cup 2010 soccer stats as art (more of an infograph) with all kinds of details about the matches.

For some the main question may be: Will it (vuvuzuela) blend? See the answer on this video.

To keep it more in line with the content of this blog a wonderful comparison of Soccer & PhD * from PhD-Comics.

“Piled Higher and Deeper” by Jorge Cham

Finally some humorous twitter-quotes:

  1. Andy Lewis
    lecanardnoir So, as i said. Keep your vuvuzela for the Pope’s visit.
  2. Martin Fenner
    mfenner @elmarveerman Is there a role for vuvuzelas to make a statement about particularly bad presentations? #lnlm10
  3. Laika (Jacqueline)
    laikas RT @noahWG: Paul the octopus has been selecting which manuscripts go out for review at Nature for months now.
  4. Laika (Jacqueline)
    laikas RT @michlr: RT @LVenselaar: LOL! RT @Yoranv: Tip van de dag: OntSPANJE! haha
  5. keith grimaldi
    eurogene Maybe Science shld do same. Nice picture! @laikas: RT @noahWG: Paul the octopus selecting manuscripts 4 review at Nature for months now.

this quote was brought to you by quoteurl

Good luck boys. You will need it! 😉

Photo Credits:

Silly Sunday #29 World Cup 2010-Twitter Reports of England’s Loss.

27 06 2010

The World Cup Soccer 2010 started 2 weeks ago. For now I only follow the Dutch team live. But indirectly I follow many other matches via Twitter. It is very entertaining, especially if things go awry, like the way the English were crushed by the Germans today (1:4). This was partly due to the referee who ruled out a legitimate goal by Frank Lampard when it was still 1 : 1.

Below are some of the tweets in my timeline. I especially like @precordialthump’s comparison of the English knock-out with apoptosis.

@Precordialthump opens with the best Faulty Tower fragment: “Don’t mention the War”. I can’t resist to show the fragment here.

And don’t miss the pic: “It wasn’t a goal” (via nutrigenomics)

  1. Maria Wolters
    mariawolters PHEW! #ger AND #gha are through! Go Ghana, go Africa! Now on to #ger / #eng. Mwahahaha …. #fb
  2. precordialthump
  3. precordialthump
    precordialthump Oh my god!!!! Come on England – 1966 in reverse!!!
  4. Sally Church
    MaverickNY @SallyWalker exactly kind of gobsmacked. If they ditch all the bad refs there won’t be any left for the final tho
  5. Maria Wolters
    mariawolters at least #eng will be spared the excruciating penalty shootout this time #brightside #schlaaaaand #fb
  6. Richard Herring
    Herring1967 I blame our 12th invisible player. Everyone keeps passing to him and then he fucks it up.
  7. Theodor Adorno
    TW_Adorno Your team qualified with ease under a Labour Govt and have struggled in every game under the Conservatives. How could this be?
  8. Stephanie Merritt
    thestephmerritt Is this happening because they’ve cut the defence budget? #ididafootballjoke
  9. precordialthump
    precordialthump The England team’s performance turned out to be the World Cup football equivalent of apoptosis… well done, Germany.
  10. Sally Church
    MaverickNY @whydotpharma not sure which was worse: refereeing, #eng or american tv commentary. Probably the last one was most clueless.
  11. jdc 325
    jdc325 Watched the England game with my Dad. My summary: what a shit waste of time. I could have gone for a walk or read a book.
  12. Nutrigenomics
    nutrigenomics Ha RT @biomatushiq: [pretty fast] ROFL RT @sotak: It wasn’t a goal! [pic] #worldcup #eng #ger
  13. Daft-bint
    TheMarydoll Just been announced that the england team are flying back to glasgow airport so they can get a hero’s welcome.
  14. Laika (Jacqueline)
    laikas RT @BrettAwesome: Breaking News: England have a new coach. It takes them to the airport in 15 minutes.
  15. Maria Wolters

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Friday Foolery #28 Radiant Pin-Up Calendar

18 06 2010

It is HOT & Radiating.

Eizo, a medial diagnostic supply company, issued a very special pin-up calendar.
No body part was concealed from the girls, exposed to the camera…. It is really very original…

But..…Why does no one pose the question whether this illuminate work [full body irradiation x12 (if the same girl poses on the calendar), x attempts ……]  is a responsible thing to do? It is no CT-scan, but still…

The calendar was made by the agency Butter; First seen on: Daily Art Press

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Friday Foolery [26] Nightmare turns into DreamNight (at the Zoo)

5 06 2010

Today I took the plunge, changed clothes at work, “jumped” into my old running shoes and went off for a 8.5 km run homeward. Just outside the building I heard a couple whisper “accident” and I saw several  ambulances driving towards the highway. Half a kilometer down the road ambulances were still leaving the hospital. There was a continuous wailing sound. Everywhere were ambulances, police-cars and fire-engines. Something big must have happened. A disaster on the highway perhaps?

It looked like this:

Crossing the bridge over the highway, I didn’t see anything, not even the usual Friday evening rush hour. …

I stopped to twitter and searched for “accident”. There seemed to be a serious accident on the A2-highway, but this was further South.

Finally at home (it took me longer than I had hoped) I checked Twitter again. It seemed that there had not been an accident or disaster, it was no excercise, it was the once yearly Dreamnight at the zoo. This is:

“an annual and entrance-free eveningopening of a zoo exclusively for chronically ill and disabled children, their parents and brothers and sisters”

The ambulances and other vehicles are just their (loud) escort to the zoo.

This year it is exactly 15 years ago that the dreamnight-project was born. The first edition was held in the Sophia’s Children Hospital in Rotterdam – The Netherlands: 175 very ill children came with their parents and siblings…. all together some 750 special guests were entertained.

When European zoos joined, the name “Dreamnight at the Zoo” was introduced. Later dreamnight got other partners, like museums and attraction parks.

The night is meant to give VIC’s (very important children) and their parents an unforgettable evening. Police, fireman and paramedics also help to make it a memorable day. Today was a bright and sunny day. I’m sure the children and their families had a great evening.

It really is a project that is well worth the effort. It is the  dream of the organizers that all Zoos in the world once will call the first Friday of June (or December in Australia) the “dreamnight at the zoo”….

For more information, see the website[5 languages] or contact

There is also a special site for Artis dreamnight:

Silly Saturday #25 Librarians do Gaga

29 05 2010

You probably have seen it all. First at Nikki Dettmar’s blog “Eagle Dawg‘s, then retweeted through the Twitterverse and finally even mentioned by Boing Boing (thanks @drShock). But as a librarian and a former dancer I just can’t resist this video, even though I seldom use the ca, ca, catalog….

Enjoy! it is much better than the Eurovision Songfestival, which I didn’t follow live but was “forced” to follow on Twitter. Well in a certain way the #eurovision tweets were quite enjoyable (and preferable to the live songs, I think). At visible Tweet you can follow the recent ones (for a week or so).

And now for the Librarian GaGa. Librarians rock. ♥♥♥ You did know that, didn’t you?

“Librarians do Gaga” was an entry at the the iSight Film Festival. The video was produced by Sarah Wachter, a student in the iSchool’s Master in Library and Information Science program and the dancers were students and faculty members from the University of Washington’s Information School