A New Blog Carnival: Medlib’s Round

13 01 2009

I’ve participated in several Blog Carnivals in the field of Medicine (and hence called Grand Round). i.e. The Grand Round, the Dutch Grand Round (i.e. see here), and SurgeXperiences. Blog Carnivals are a regular compilation of the “best blogs in a certain area”, hosted by a different blogger each time.

I enjoy participating in a Grand Round, either as submitter or as hosts, and being a medical librarian, I asked myself, why aren’t there any medical blog carnivals around?

Participating in a blog carnival is easy and informative. Why should medical librarians do this? Because you get a quick overview of the best posts in the field of medical librarianship, you learn to know other librarians, you keep well informed about what is going on and you generate traffic to your site (both as a host and a submitter).

Finally librarians not having a blog or people not being medical librarians (health 2.0, web 2.0 people, doctors) might also be interested in getting a quick overview of a field that has their interest.

These are the facts/rules:

  • The Blog Carnival’s name is Medlib’s Round. Please let me now if you have a more original carnival title.
  • For the time being it is a once-monthly Grand Round. The publications are on Tuesday, the submissions are due at Saturdays 00.00 (Dutch Time), or 18.00 EST.
  • All submissions and the Grand Round itself should be written (at least partially) in English.
  • Whether there is a theme or not is up to the host. The advice though is not to be too strict and give a nice compilation.
  • The host posts a call for submissions as early as possible at his or her blog.
  • The schedule and the archive are listed on Laika’s Medliblog on a separate page here.
  • You can submit your post (the permalink) to the blog carnival here or mail the next host before the deadline
  • The first Grand Round (deadline February 7th) is at my place: Laika’s MedLibLog. The theme is rather loose: write about a subject that is close to your heart, whether it is about your patrons, education, PubMed, twitter …. whatever you find important.

What should you do now?

  • Tell me whether you like the idea or not and whether you want to join.
  • Write a post and submit it here (preferred) or mail me at laika dot spoetnik at gmail dot com. laika.spoetnik@gmail.com
  • Tell me whether you want to host a next edition: March*, April, May or June. (comment, mail,twitter)!!
  • Inform others that a Medlibrarian Grand Round is in the making.


We have a host for the March edition: Dragonfly. Thanks @aldricham

** For schedule see: medlibs-archive

*** Several librarians asked for a more extensive description. I will post this soon.

Grand Rounds 5.16: On Profit in medicine and other cool stuff!

6 01 2009

3046846192_fb1aed3ccbEdwin Leap has the honor to host the first Grand Round of 2009. The theme of this week is profit in medicine.

“The value, or detriment, of financial profit in health-care. From doctors to pharmaceutical companies, universities to insurers and everything in between; is profit good or bad?”

To summarize Edwin’s view, here is his concluding remark:

“Until we re-discover Hippocrates, and what he was saying all those years ago, we’ll just have to do one of two things: keep paying people lots of money, or learn to do without care. That’s the way I see it, anyhow!”

Although not everyone sticks strictly to the topic (or interprets profit like ‘value’, as I did) it has become a very interesting round again with many posts touching the theme in one way or another.

Next Round will be will be hosted by Barbara Kivowitz at “In Sickness and in Health“.

Foto Credit: Adrianclarkmbbs – Flickr CC

Old Year/New Year Dutch Grand Ground – Grote visite 1.10

31 12 2008


Welcome to the OLD YEAR/NEW YEAR edition of the ‘grote visite’ or Dutch Grand Rounds.

The theme of this Grand Round is past (what has been, history), present (hot news) and future (what to expect, wish, foresee).

We ring out the Old Year with two excellent posts of the dedicated bloggers and initiators of the Dutch Grand Round Jan Martens of MedBlog.nl and Dr. Shock of Dr Shock MD PhD

Jan Martens writes about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Historical Research. As some of you might know (I didn’t) Jan is conducting a historical research about the use of electricity and magnetism in psychiatry. Here he is focussing on video’s of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. He searched Youtube with “transcranial magnetic stimulation” and only found a handful of interesting modern videos, but no old videos of guinea pigs in a magnetic stimulator -which he had hoped for. He would be most obliged if you could help him out with historical videos or other information about TMS.
Dr Shock has already responded to his request, but has found no older video’s. Perhaps youtube is to young for historical video’s, but I can also imagine that researchers are reluctant to show guinea pig experiments to the general public.

Dr Shock MD PhD presents Dr Shock’s popular posts from 2008 and a look ahead for 2009. Dr. Shock wonders whether the popularity of his two most popular posts this year (at least according WordPress Blog Stats), i.e. Sex, Video Games and the Brain and How much Chocolate is Good for your Health? is mainly based on the title and keywords (or the picture? –see his post). He also gives an overview of other top posts and the posts he found the most pleasurable to write. This was a post about empathy in the doctor patient relationship, part of a series about patient doctor relationship and it’s different aspects such as education, self-disclosure to name a few as well the post Why do psychiatrists like detectives?
I share his idea that the most popular posts are not always the posts you enjoyed yourself the most and vice versa. I often wonder why some posts become popular and others don’t.

Dr Shock intends to focus more on the developments of health 2.0 and medical education in the coming year 2009. He made a first step this year to become member of the tweeple community at twitter. A useful community, isn’t it @DrShock?

Dr Shock also asks us which of his posts we enjoyed the most. I think the unanimous answer is: “We like them all, it is the mix”.

Please visit Dr Shock’s blog to read more.

That concludes this edition. Or perhaps it concludes the Dutch Grand Round…….

I took a look at the carnival submission form, but found no new rounds planned, perhaps because a new scheme is still to be made, or perhaps because it will end here and now….

I do hope the Dutch Grand round will be continued, because there are enough good Dutch medical bloggers around. The question is why just few of them actively contribute to this round? Hopefully 2009 will bring a change.

Photo credit: loesenlodewijk Flickr Creative Commons

Grand Round 5.15 at Moneduloides. At the interface of evolution and medicine.

30 12 2008

The theme for the old year/new year Grand Round was not an easy one: “At the interface of evolution and medicine“. This theme was chosen to celebrate the coming bicentenary of Darwin’s birth, and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On The Origin of Species.


“Coming from the perspective of an individual who conducts medical research in evolutionary genetics, I have found that very few people outside of the world I work have been exposed to all of the ways evolutionary biology interfaces with medicine. My hope is that with this edition of Grand Rounds those who have not yet been exposed to this topic become, at the very least, sufficiently intrigued.”

Although there are less submissions than usual, the subject has been well covered by several bloggers. It has certainly triggered me to learn more about evolutionary biology and the implications on (clinical) medicine.

You can read the elaborate summaries at Moneduloides post here.

Interested in what Moneduloides means: it is derived from Corvus moneduloides, a crow species and the only non-primate animal known to invent new tools by modifying existing ones. Want to get a glimpse of Moneduloides, then read this article (“Evolutionary Biology Offers Glimpse Into Medicine’s Future”) in today’s Medscape Today!

Next Round is at Edwin Leap’s site.

Grand Round 5.14 at ‘Highlight Health’

24 12 2008

This week’s Grand Round is up at Highlight Health of Walter Jessen.

Subscribe with RSSBesides of giving an overview of the this week’s medical blogposts Walter has also set up email and RSS subscriptions for a number of credible, rotating health and medicine blog carnivals, including THE Grand Round.
In addition there is an aggregate feed to all eight carnivals.

Grand Rounds Upcoming Schedule can also be consulted at: blogborygmi.blogspot.com.

The New Years Edition of Grand Rounds is being hosted by Moneduloides on December 30th.

Dutch Grand Round. Old Year, New Year Call for Submissions.

22 12 2008

The Dutch Grand Round (De Grote Visite) is a rotating blogcarnival of Dutch medical blog posts.

Presently Dutch Grand Round 1.9 is up at Health Management RX of Jen McGabe Gorman

Laika’s MedLibLog will be Hosting the next Dutch Grand Rounds (1.10) on December 30th!

Since December 30th is on the edge of the old and new year, I would like this edition to focus on the past (what has been, history) and the present (hot news) and the future (what to expect, wish, foresee).

I will not restrict myself to inclusion of Dutch posts on medical, health and fitness: any post on Dutch health care, Dutch medicine 2.0 or Dutch scientific/clinical papers will be considered for inclusion as well. Whether it is about van Leeuwenhoek or the Dutch EHR. So, writers from abroad I hope you do feel inspired!

Do not feel constrained by this theme, however. Each article is reviewed on its own merit.

Submissions are due by Sunday, December 28st at 12.00 am (Dutch time). (06.00 pm EST).

You can submit your articles through Blog Carnival or by email at (laika dot spoetnik at gmail dot com – without spaces; well check the figure).

I look forward to your submissions! Have a nice Christmas!!!


nl vlag NL flagDe Grote Visite is een twee-wekelijkse ronde langs de medische blogs van Nederlandse bodem of ze nu in het Nederlands of het Engels geschreven zijn.

Terwijl de huidige grote visite (enigzins verlaat) te lezen is op Health Management RX van Jen McGabe Gorman, kondig ik alvast aan, dat

Laika’s MedLibLog gastvrouwe is van de volgende Grote visite (1.10). Deze staat gepland op 30 December!

Omdat 30 december op het scheidingsvlak staat van het oude en het nieuwe jaar, leek me dit een prima moment voor een voor en een achteruitblik:

Wat was belangwekkend (op medisch/gezondheidsgebied) in het verleden (mag ver voor 2008, maar ook recent), of wat zijn de verwachtingen, vooruizichten, wensen voor de toekomst?

Niet alleen Nederlanders mogen meedoen, het mag ook gaan OVER nederlanders/nederlandse gezondheidszorg, ontdekkingen, publicaties.

Ik zal me niet streng aan het thema houden. Elk ingediend stuk wordt op zijn eigen merites beoordeeld.

Indiening voor Zondag a.s. 28 December om 12.00 am. (06.00 pm EST).

U kunt uw artikelen via het Blog Carnival indienen of via email: laika punt spoetnik at gmail punt com – zonder spaties (zie figuur).

Ik kijk uit naar uw bijdragen. Een fijne Kerst alvast, allemaal!!

Grand Round 5.13 at ‘A Chronic Dose’

16 12 2008

This week’s Grand Round is up at A Chronic Dose.

best-medical-postsSince the end of 2008 is in sight, Laurie Edwards theme was “the best of 2008”.

So, please send along what you think is your “best” post of the year…and why. Whether it’s your funniest post, the one that was the hardest to write or stirred up the most dialogue, or touched on a topic that really matters to you, etc, I want to see it.

I found it difficult to choose which one was ‘best’. There really is not ONE particular best post, it is the mix. So I submitted 3 posts and let Laurie decide. Want to see what she selected and get an overview of the best medical blogpost over 2008, then visit Laurie’s grand round here.

Highlight Health will host next week’s edition.

Grand Rounds Archive & Upcoming Schedule can be consulted at: blogborygmi.blogspot.com.

Furthermore a RSS-feed has been made to the Grand Round by Marshall Kirkpatrick.

Here’s the feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/GrandRoundsFeed, but you can also to subscribe by email (see form here)