The Grand Rounds is coming! Please start submitting!

22 09 2009

I have the honor to host my first GRAND ROUNDS ever on Tuesday September 29th.

For those who don’t know what the Grand Round is about,  it is the weekly rotating carnival of the best of the medical blogosphere. Today the round is up at Colin Son’s blog Residency Notes, so please take a look at this birthday edition (start of the 6th year of Grand Rounds).

As apparent from the “Around the World in Eighty Days” Grand Round theme at “Suture for a Living”, most Grand Round  contributors come from the North American Continent. It is quite exceptional that the Grand Round comes to the Netherlands and I’m looking forward to welcome you all.
Yeah, there will be no theme!

Please make it easy for this non-native speaker of English and submit your post as soon as possible, but not later than midnight EST (NY) at Sunday September 27th (Monday 6.00 am in the Netherlands and 4.00 UTC (GMT)). Please send your submissions to as follows:

  • “Grand Rounds” in the subject line.
  • Permalink (url) webpost
  • Title post
  • Your name
  • a short description would be of help.
  • and if time permits:
    • tell me where you’re from (town, country and/or institute).
    • spend one line telling me your thoughts on medical information and medical librarians (this may be specially featured.)

So I hope I shall welcome you all next week. For all those people who have no idea where The Netherlands are, here is an old world map produced by Gerard van Schagen in 1689 in Amsterdam. As you can see, Europe took a more prominent place in the world those days (only the half of North America is represented).

3185534518_d9d53b1f09 worldImage licenced under Creative Commons
/ CC BY-ND 2.0

* I can’t promise to include all submissions though. This will depend on the quality and on whether I can fit it in.

A Cracking Grand Rounds at Emergiblog

4 08 2009
Wallace and Gromit
Image via Wikipedia

Vacation time, and still able to compile such a wonderful Grand Round overnight (!), excisting of almost 40 high quality submissions in a dressing of  crackers, consumed by the loveable, wacky duo, unknown to me: Wallace and Gromit!

The Affair of Clinical Reader published at this site is included in the section: “Uh oh! Looks like Gromit has about had it with the antics of Feathers McGraw, evil penguin!” 31-7-2009 22-05-55 flowers3

So, no, Grand Round has no off-season. Take your computer with you to the beach and on vacation and enjoy reading the 38 great stories at Emergiblog, run by nurse Kim. These flowers, “taken” at my vacation in Canada, are for you, nurse Kim, for your truly cracking round ànd your 4 year blogging anniversary!

The next Grand Round will be hosted by DrRich at The Covert Rationing Blog!

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Grand Round 5.42

7 07 2009

This week the Grand Round, the weekly summary of the best of the medical blogosphere, is being hosted by Flavio Guzmán at Pharmamotion, a blog about basic and clinical pharmacology.

7-7-2009 20-45-50 sneeuw krtistalThe Round is entitled:  “Brief Grand Rounds from Argentina“. Flavio had to keep it short, because (who would think of that? – I didn’t) winter has arrived in Argentina, and Flavio was hired to cover nights shifts in a local hospital because of the current H1N1 pandemic. Despite this,  Flavio did include my post, which was submitted this very morning (thus far too late). Thank you for that, Flavio.

Compact Rounds aren’t necessarily bad. I would say, on the contrary. Also in this case, Flavio succeeded in compiling a great and easy-to-browse round. Please go and enjoy reading the Grand Round here

Next week the Round will be hosted by @DrJosephKim (twitter) on Medicine And Technology. The theme is to “focus on ways that technology is changing healthcare”.

Grand Round 5.41 up at Edwin Leap

30 06 2009

This weeks Grand Round, the weekly rotating carnival featuring the best medical blog posts, is up at the blog of Edwin Leap, a practicing emergency physician. As announced in the previous post, the theme is ‘What would you like to say to future physicians?’ This theme was chosen, because today, June 30th, is the day before the start of the ‘residency’.

Alas, my post (about PubMed tips) didn’t make it to the carnival because it was submitted after the Grand Round was published. 😉
But you can always read my  tips here.

Far more interesting are the tips given in Edwin Leap’s compilation. Most of the advice is not merely useful for residents.

For instance Clinical Cases and Images blog reminds us to write for ourselves, not for anyone else’s benefit (even Twitter and Facebook ‘use’ those who write for them, in a sense.) We should share our unique perspectives by independent blogging.

Isn’t that true for every blogger?

Please read other tips here

Next round will be hosted by Pharmamotion

Grand Rounds 5.36 at See First

27 05 2009

See FirstThis week’s edition of Grand Rounds is up at See First.

You can see the posts here.

Evan Falchuck (@efalchuk on Twitter) thinks nothing of it. [1] no theme, {2] accept any (appropriate) post and [3] allow people to submit a few hrs before publishing the Round!!!
I bet he got my post last. Great job.

Next week’s “June Is Busting Out All Over” edition will be at HealthBlawg of David Harlow.You can already see the announcement here. No theme again. Hurray!

Grand Rounds 5.35 at Healthcare Technology News

19 05 2009

healthcare technology News GRAND ROUND may 19Grand Rounds is up at Healthcare Technology News. This edition of Grand Rounds, the Best of the Medical Blogosphere, focuses on Health Care Reform.

The Grand Round begins with a stunning quote of type 1 diabetic blogger Kerri Sparling that really hits the mark with her post at Six Until Me:

“Why, Insurance Company, are you so against proactive care? Why do I need to pay more for a brace or a shot or an extra visit when you’re more content paying for a several thousand dollar surgery instead? Not enough bang for your buck? Why do you fight me tooth and nail against coverage for a continuous glucose monitoring device?* Is my life not worth the investment to keep my legs on instead of paying 100% to amputate them in a few decades? I know I’m expensive as a chronic disease patient, but I’m healthier than 85% of the people I know. I eat well, I exercise regularly, and I am on top of my disease. Yet you deny me life insurance, you won’t let me purchase a private health insurance policy, and you would rather see me on an operating table than taking up a doctor’s time in an office visit. (And it’s not like I’m taking up more than 5 – 7 minutes of a doctor’s time, because that’s about all we get, on average. Pathetic.)”

After a few more examples of the Patient and Consumer Perspective on why we do need reform, this edition continues with:

  • Providers, Prevention and Self-Management
  • Meaningful Use and Enabling Technology
  • Dollars and Sense
  • What’s Working Elsewhere?

Please read the whole edition here

Next Grand Round will be hosted by See First, Insights into the uncertain world of Healthcare.


* I saw the same problem mentioned on a Dutch Blog “Diabetesblog“, where the story was told of a patient who has hypo-unawareness: she can’t feel when her blood glucose is low. Therefore she suffers many complications of diabetes, i.e she has poor sight and has recently fainted in front of the children. The only thing which she feels would work is the (FDA approved) continuous glucose monitoring device (CGMS). The problem is that the her insurer won’t cover CGMS, as it’s efficacy has yet to be proved.

Coincidentally I’m gathering the evidence on “the effectiveness of the CGMS in the management of type I diabetes” for a Cochrane Protocol (not approved yet). However, it will take some time for the authors to finish the review after the protocol has been approved.

See the full Story on Diabetesblog (in Dutch) here

Some excerpts:

Sinds een jaar of vijf draagt ze daarom een insulinepomp die continue een klein beetje insuline afgeeft. ‘Maar dat zegt natuurlijk niks over mijn bloedsuikergehalte op dat moment’, zegt Judith. Meer baat zou de Losserse volgens haar internist hebben bij een continue glucosemeter met implanteerbare sensor, een apparaat dat is overgewaaid uit de Verenigde Staten. De sensor meet 24 uur per dag de bloedsuikerspiegel en geeft een waarschuwingssignaal als de waarde te laag dreigt te worden.

Het probleem is echter dat de zorgverzekeraar van Judith, Menzis, het apparaat – kosten: 40 à 50 euro per stuk; één exemplaar gaat maximaal drie dagen mee – niet wil vergoeden, ook niet nadat de internist van Judith daarop heeft aangedrongen. Te duur, oordeelt Menzis. En bovendien, zo motiveert een woordvoerder het standpunt van de zorgverzekeraar, ‘heeft het College voor zorgverzekeringen (CVZ) onlangs besloten de sensor niet te vergoeden’.

Ook een tweede verzoek dat de arts onlangs indiende heeft niets opgeleverd. Volgens de woordvoerder van Menzis is de zorgverzekeraar zelfs strafbaar als het apparaatje vergoed zou worden, omdat het onvoldoende getest zou zijn. Onzin, zegt Getkate. ‘Niet voor niets heeft de Diabetesvereniging Nederland een positief advies gegeven. Er zijn bovendien andere zorgverzekeraars die het al wèl vergoeden.’

En dus ligt de Losserse in de clinch met haar zorgverzekeraar. Wat haar nog het meeste steekt is ‘dat Menzis eigenlijk op de stoel van de arts gaat zitten’…..

Grand Rounds 5.34 at the Health Observatory Blog

12 05 2009

Grand Round is up at Health Observatory Blog.

Kudos to the bloggers Ivor Kovic and Ileana Lulic, for this blogcarnival on “Diversity”, which they introduced as follows:

We want to demonstrate how rich, colorful, multidimensional and diverse the health/medical blogosphere truly is. So please send us your dearest posts, the ones that genuinely reflect your style and personality, no matter the subject.

They quite succeeded in making a grand round with great diversity. I like the style. It gives a good introduction to the posts, without being too lengthy or too short (X wrote a post Y on Z). You can read the the present edition here.

Health Observatory Blog is part of the website Health Blogs Observatory, started with the aim to conduct annual surveys of health bloggers and their blogs to gain better insights into the state of health blogging.

It is possible to submit your blog to their directory to gain better exposure and participate in their future research.
I surely plan to do that, increasing the number of Dutch blogs included from 2 to 3.

Next Round will be hosted by Healthcare Technology News.

Grand Round 5.33

5 05 2009

2366412067_3b7d038410_mGrand Round is up at Ausmed Blog (or Nursing Handover).

It is the first time Nursing handover hosts the Grand Round and I’m glad there wasn’t a theme ànd all submissions were accepted.
You can read the compilation here.

Next week’s Grand Round will be hosted by Health Blogs Observatory.

Grand Round 5.31 at Diabetes Mine: Birthday Edition!

21 04 2009

2267526122_f4376fc6bf1This weeks Grand Round is up at Diabetes Mine, the blog of Amy Tenderich. Amy celebrates her birthday today, thus we gonna sing a Happy Birthday song first:

Click here for my Twitter and Blip Birthday Message.

Read the compilation of posts here!

The next Grand Round wil be hosted by another well known diabetes blogger: Kerri Morrone Sparling of Six Until Me

Grand Round 5.30 at Pharmamotion

14 04 2009

pharmamotionThis week’s Grand Round is up at Pharmamotion, the wonderful Pharmacology blog of Flavio Guzmán. Flavio is a MD who works as a teaching assistant at the Department of Pharmacology of the University of Mendoza in Argentina. The aim of his website is to offer a better understanding of pharmacology, by gathering freely available educational resources, like animations and videos, and drug information of reliable unbiased resources.

But this week Flavio is host of the Grand Round. Read his selection of submissions here.

The last two weeks, the Grand Rounds had very specific themes on very interesting subjects.

If you haven’t done so already, you might enjoy reading:

“Reflections on the way life used to be” by Leslie Michigan of Getting Closer to Myself (April 7). the theme was prompted by the fact that Leslie was diagnosed with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis for almost a year ago.

“I think about the way life used to be, I automatically think about change, and the myriad ways in which my life has changed over the past few years.”

“When things go awry” by Dr. Paul Levy of “Running a Hospital”. Paul Levy compiled (personal) stories about incidents or medical errors (March 31). His theme draws on the desire to encourage greater transparency in the delivery of clinical care.

It is a pity I didn’t have time to contribute to these rounds, because these subjects really strike a personal cord. Indeed, life has changed the first years after I got Sheehan syndrome, because things “got awry” at the hospital.– It is good to read these often personal stories.

Next edition will be hosted at Diabetesmine.

Latest News: Grand Round at ACP Internist

17 03 2009

shutterstock_1387084-786145-latest-news Latest news, hear the latest news: Grand Round is up at ACP Internist, a newspaper serving internal medicine!

This time literally a newsworthy and noteworty round. According to ACP internist:
“We’re paying tribute to the daily newspaper. Read on for the latest headlines, opinions, features and even the funnies.”

There was no theme, all medical/health head news was included. Please enjoy reading all headlines here

The next round will be hosted by Codeblog, tales of a nurse.

Email/RSS feed to the MedLib’s Round and other Medical Blog Carnivals.

5 03 2009

There are several noteworthy medical blog carnivals (Grand Rounds) around, but it is difficult to make (and thus take) an email/RSS feed to these carnivals, because the editions are hosted by different bloggers each time.

Recently Walter Jessen of the Highlight HEALTH Network has managed to make a feed to all important medical blog carnivals (based on bookmarks).

I’m very pleased that Walter also took the initiative to make a feed to the MedLib’s Round. You can subscribe to it by clicking this link. This is a superb way to keep up to date with the latest MedLib’s Round.


It is also possible to take one subscription to all medical blog carnivals at once by clicking here.

Alternatively you can take RSS/email feeds to individual blog carnivals at Walter Jessen’s Highlight HEALTH Network:

Presently the following 10 carnivals are included:

  1. Grand Rounds Blog Carnival
  2. Encephalon Blog Carnival
  3. SurgeXperiences Blog Carnival
  4. Medicine 2.0 Blog Carnival
  5. Change of Shift Blog Carnival
  6. Cancer Research Blog Carnival
  7. Health Wonk Review Blog Carniva
  8. Gene Genie Blog Carnival
  9. MedLibs Round
  10. Palliative Care Grand Rounds

Thanks Walter for this initiative.


You may also want to read:

Grand Round is being served at The Blog That Eat Manhattan.

24 02 2009

grand-rounds-menu-523Come enjoy the wonderful menu that is being served today at The Blog That Eat Manhattan, that is run by Margaret Polaneczky, MD who introduces herself as follows:

I practice medicine, cook and wax prolific in NYC.
You can call me Peggy. Or Dr P.
Just don’t call me late for dinner.

Grand Round nr 5.23 is being served as a full course dinner, so take care not to consume it at once, because this will surely cause indigestion.

Next week’s Grand Rounds will be served payed off hosted at Health Business Blog.

Grand Rounds 5.22 – Napoleon’s Dynamite – GOSH!

17 02 2009

ndmacheckyestEver heard of Napoleon’s Dynamite? Ever seen Napoleon’s Dynamite? According to nurse Kim it is “pretty much the coolest movie ever made” and therefore chosen as theme for the Grand Round she hosts today at Emergiblog.
And Gosh what an excellent Grand Round she compiled. And Gosh am I relieved that I just got 10 submissions for the first MedLib’s Round (she had to deal with 45 submissions or so). And Gosh
am I glad she announced the Grand Round as follows (LoL):

“No theme, and I’m not doing anything that has to do with Presidents or Valentines, so send in any and all topics!

I will say this: “It’s Grand Rounds, what do you think! GOSH!”

Thank you Kim, for this wonderful round, and for including all submissions, including mine.

I have to admit that I have never seen Napoleon’s Dynamite, but reading Kim’s Grand Round I probably should.

Next Grand Round will be hosted by Dr. Peggy at “The Blog that ate Manhattan.