3rd Call for Submissions for “Medical Information Matters”: Tools for Searching the Biomedical Literature

8 05 2011

It takes some doing to breathe life into Medical Information Matters” (blog carnival about medical  information).
A month ago I wrote a 2nd call for submissions post for this blog carnival. Unfortunately the next host, Martin Fenner, didn’t have time to finish a blog post and has come up with a new (interesting) variation on the theme “A Wish list for better medical information”.

Martin asks you to philosophize, blog and/or comment about “Tools for Searching the Biomedical Literature.

You can base your contribution on a recent (editable) survey of 28 different PubMed derivative tools by Zhiyong Lu (NCBI) [1].

Thus, write your thoughts on the various PubMed derivative tools mentioned here or write about your own favorite 3rd party PubMed tool (included or not).

For details, see Martin’s blog post announcing this upcoming edition. The Blog Carnival FAQs are here.

And if you don’t have time to write about this topic, you may still find the survey useful, as well as the views of others on this topic. So check out Martin’s blog Gobbledygook once in a while to see if the blog edition has been posted.

Note [1]: If you have already submitted a post to the carnival, or would like to write about another theme, we will take care that your post (if relevant)  will be included in this or the next edition. You can always submit here.

Note [2]: Would you like to host “Medical Information Matters” at your blog? Please comment here or write to: laika dot spoetnik at gmail dot com. We need hosts for June, July, August and September (submission deadline first Saturday of every month, posting on the next Tuesday)

  1. Lu Z. PubMed and beyond: a survey of web tools for searching biomedical literature. Database. 2011 Jan;2011. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/database/baq036

A Spooktacular Medlibs Round at Alisha764’s blog

17 10 2009

sunflower_looking_off_to_the_side alishaWhile I was attending the Cochrane Colloquium, Alisha Miles of Alisha’s blog wrote a really spectacular spooktacular Medlib’s Round, the blog carnival of *best* posts in the medical library blogosphere.

The official round comes with a whole bunch of bonus posts. Subjects included range from wikis to toolbar widgets, from unprofessional online content by medical students to H1N1-information, from the MidWest Medical Library Conference to social media (Side Wiki, Google Wave etc). As expected there are also many posts about the PubMed Redesign.

Interested? Please take a look at the spooktacular Medlibs Round here.

It is really incredible that so many posts were submitted in just 2 weeks and Alisha managed to include so many more.

Other good news about the round: we’ve got excellent hosts till April 2010! Really all sorts of *TOP* bloggers: (medical) librarians, a scientist, a physician and a Pubmed-3rd party host:

If you would like a host the MedLib’s Round please comment on this post, dm me at twitter or mail me at :


The submission for each round is due the first Saturday of each month. The next round will already be published in about three weeks. Walter Jessen of Highlight Health looks forward to your posts. The main theme of the round will be:

Finding credible health information online

Other blogposts -if relevant to the MedLibs Round- will also be considered.

Submitting is easy (thanks Patricia Anderson):

  1. Write (a) blogpost(s) on your blog (or write a guest post on someone else’s blog) as usual.
  2. Pick the post you like that fits.
  3. Go to the blogcarnival submission from here, (register or log in),
  4. Fill in form to share the permalink of your post.
  5. The current host selects anthology of best submissions.
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