Palin & Obama, Fun & Photo’s

24 10 2008

Two times Palin and once Obama (and another celebrity)

  1. Sarah Palin as President. Seen on Dr. Shock’s website. Played a while with it, and liked it. Move with your mouse through the oral office and click on objects in the roome. Don’t forget the telephone! You have to go to the website (click here), the photo below is not clickable

  2. Sarah Palin again, but now an interview with John Cleese about her, or is it about parrots?
    I was first tipped by Bercalan Mesko (scienceroll) on Twitter (@Berci), but I found a shorter version on You Tube that I preferred (without another comedian, Cleese will do).
    Both versions I later found on…… Dr Shock’s weblog again. He wrote that the you tube video’s originated from the CleeseBlog. Interesting to follow I suppose. The longer version is also on youtube.
  3. A series of beautiful Obama photo’s by Callie Shell. See here.
    Hattip: Gerard Bierens (weblog zonder haast) via twitter (@gbierens).
  4. An extra one, again from Gerard on another celebrity. LOL! Added Wednesday November 5th, the day that Obama became president of the US.
  5. McCain and Palin Sing (by Henry Hey) (hattip @berci)
  6. Funny Obama Song with a guest performance of Hillary
  7. Awwwwww … poooooor Ron Paul: (hattip @courosa )
  8. And many, many more Obama video’s on You Tube. I won’t show them all, but you can look at “related video’s. This is one about Barrack Obama funny Pictures and quotes, using the same music as 8.
  9. @gbierens referred to a comic strip in a Dutch local newspaper (ED).
    Obama pays for a drink and leaves the bar. Bartender: “Hey, Obama, don’t you want change?
  10. And finally Obama 08: There is No Spoon. Unique pro-Obama shirt for sci-fi liberals, progressives, Democrats everywhere. Obama is the neo Neo. Break out of the Matrix. See the t-shirt here (hattip @mdbraber)