Silly Sunday #9: the Apocalypse of the Vocal Bubblewrap.

26 10 2009

Tuesday Grand Rounds will be hosted by Gina Rybolt of Code Blog (see announcement).

O dear, a few hours left before the deadline expires …. What to do?

I could submit the post on BlogWorld Expo [SOTB], where I embedded an interview with Gina and Kim.

However, because it is almost Haloween, Gina is all for the super-scary!

What about the Attack of the Flu-Virus Invaders. Pretty Scary if viewed under magnification.

Or what about the next video. I could barely watch it. It is not medical, but it sure looks like eyeballs. Moohaha!

You know, we let Gina choose.

Hattip: @2525 (Francisco van Jole). This is what he said: “De bolletjes van bubblewrap laten knallen? Na het zien van deze gruwelijke film nooit meer”. And I agree, after seeing this *horror film* I will never ever pop a bubble wrap again (2x)

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