A Personalized Twitter Times: useful to others too.

13 10 2009

Yesterday I posted my “Introduction to Medicine 2.0” presentation on this blog and on Slideshare (where it is currently featured at their homepage).
Looking back I think that half of the participants found the Twitter part (and the way it is interwoven with other Web 2.0 tools) the most interesting, whereas this was the part where the other half was beginning to gaze. Later, Chris said that it should be no surprise that people not used to such a tool as Tweetdeck think: “What the hack is that, all those columns, with @, RT, names and links?” – it seems meaningless and such a waste of time. No matter what you tell them.

Today I received my personalized Twitter Times, which is constructed of blogposts that are most popular (most tweeted about) by my friends -the people whose ideas and interest I share on Twitter-. I find it a really neat overview of -indeed- very interesting posts. Certainly useful when a congress doesn’t allow me to follow tweets: I can read my newspaper late at night instead.

The Twitter Times is useful to other Tweople too, because they can find like-minded people they didn’t know by then.

Furthermore,  it might be useful for absolute beginners who don’t grasp the meaning of Twitter. Such a Twitter Times offers a far better overview and reads much more easily than tweets on Tweetdeck, which barely seem useful without their context.

Perhaps The Twitter Times could convince these skeptics to use Twitter as well. Or would they rather be inclined to say: “Thank you for the trouble, I rather read yours”….

Here is my real life personal ” Twitter Times” (and here is the PDF of Todays Twitter Times)

You can get yours at: http://www.twittertim.es/ (but it takes a few days)

14-10-2009 1-16-19 The Twitter Times

Hattip: Francisco van Jole @2525

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