The New PubMed: Trick or Treat?

31 10 2009

31-10-2009 8-53-21 the new pubmed entry

The New PubMed: Trick or Treat?

After a long days work, when looking at the screen,

there it was: PubMed’s new interface, so it seemed,

But one blink – and it had gone

To come back the following dawn.

The change itself was long announced,

we could play with the new “Advanced”.

Still I postponed and procrastinated,

Pointless: the new PubMed couldn’t wait

any longer, but this Redesign isn’t it for me….

Sure, the front page looks web-2-ish, minimalistic & clean,

which is perfect for the Google-Generation,

the hurry-don’t think-just-slash-i-got-one-publication-

PhD’s, for whom all alterations have been made. 2989360212_882aff28d8 trick or treat

Some people think you just have to wait

& see and get used to it.

but I’m already fed up with it.

I know you all think it is just a Librarian-rant.

Librarians they can stick with the new “Advanced”,

“Advanced” however, is just Limits & Index…

But boy did they make this page look complex!

Sure, the basic researchers seem to be quite pleased.

Busy physicians too, they think it is more easy.

They tell me librarian not to wine:

Go MEDLINE OVID! we stay with this design.”

This is no new idea, didn’t you know:

I long seek refuge in OVID MEDLINE, although1810987271_9044fb5ca0 candy

only for exhaustive searches, that much is true.

So why -having this alternative- am I still feeling blue?

Well, I’m not complaining for myself, but for you.

I don’t speak as a searcher, but as a teacher too.

It is so frustrating that I have to explain to you

that each step you take is now multiplied by two.

NLM says all functionalities are still there.

The problem is you have to find where

I don’t mind the present front page,

but the so called “Advanced” gives no advantage,

at least not for doctors searching evidence.

I teach them “Googling doesn’t make sense“.

Just choose the most important concepts,

work from the History and search words separately.

Begin to find the MesH-terms, and although it is complex

add textwords too, to find papers not yet indexed.

Combine synonyms with “OR” and concepts with “AND”,

Go to the Clinical Queries and use the appropriate command”..

But now it takes so many steps. It is a BIG FAIL

sometimes. You start at the front page, look at the Details,

mapping is wrong, go to Advanced, scroll, scroll, scroll..

to Mesh, “send to Pubmed”, where am I? out of control,

again on the Start page? Go to Advanced again.

Away with Limit and other boxes! – I don’t need them!

The Index yields a MeSH that doesn’t exist?!

Darn, via automatic mapping the multi-term-word is split

in 3 separate words, complete out of context,

as I see In the Details -so I have to re-enter them,

And where have the Clinical Queries gone?

Right, have to scroll the entire “Advanced” page… Yawn…

While it is true that I’m a “bit” exagerating,

my point is that the new PubMed creation

could have been so much better:

not only the functionality, the route also matters.

The redesign is a missed opportunity,

to build an entire new PubMed you see.

The interface is still quite orthodox.2946761628_2eb3e8b009 bittersweet

I want clickable and movable boxes

with MESH in clouds thru which you can “walk”

and Clinical Queries that you can drag and drop

with a mapping tool-you can adjust,***

and savings of your settings, that is  a must.

“But the new PubMed”, you ask me

“what is it: a-trick-or-a-treat?”….

“It looks like a nicely wrapped candy,

but tasting a bit bittersweet?!”


* These links come from Eagle Dawg-blog: Pubmed: All in the attitude

** doesn’t apply to quick and dirty searches on the front page

*** i.e. allow to split or not

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12 responses

1 11 2009
uberVU - social comments

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This post was mentioned on Twitter by Laika (Jacqueline): Blogging: The New PubMed: Trick or Treat?

2 11 2009

So agree with you! good post 🙂

2 11 2009


now just need someone to rap it up on youtube…

great post… just loved it… even if i don’t agree with everything


3 11 2009

Gave it a shot, but the new interface has me losing too much time. Too many clicks, and less than efficient to build searches using MeSH browser.

11 11 2009

Speaking as a lowly doc,
The new PubMed is quite a shock!
I used to love the PubMed site.
Now I’m screaming half the night.
Even though the layout’s slick,
I click and click and click and click.
The index box is poorly placed,
And so I scroll. What time I waste!
Is there nothing we can do,
To revive the old and delete the new?

11 11 2009

O this is great! Not that you find PubMed a shock etc, but your rhyme. So much better and more to the point than mine. I love it. Thanks!

I’m also glad that a doc writes this, because it is always thought that it just is a librarian’s problem, and it is not!
B.t.w. you have to take care using the index, if you want to use MESH. In that case it is better to scroll even further and go to the MeSH-database.

13 11 2009
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13 11 2009
JM Faivre

nice blog now quoted in Medlib US list

20 11 2009

No one will ever mistake the new PubMed for an improvement!

5 07 2010
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11 10 2010

Yes, how I hate pubmed these days. What an awful ‘upgrade’. Groan.

13 10 2010
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