MedLib’s Round 1.1: Call for Submissions

5 02 2009

Laika’s Medliblog will be hosting the first edition of a New Blog Carnival, the MedLib’s Round, on Tuesday Feb 10. As host, I invite you to send your submissions.

What is The MedLib’s Round?

The Medlib’s Round is a monthly blog carnival about medical librarian stuff in the broadest sense of the word.

Not only medical librarians may submit posts. Anyone interested in this subject is also invited to contribute. As long as it is about librarian-related matter and relevant.
It would for instance be great to have a post of GP’s telling about their way of searching. Or to have a new database discussed, a meeting announced, an article or a book reviewed, etcetera.

The posts should at least be written in English (bilingual posts accepted).

There is a loose theme: write about a subject that is close to your heart, whether it is about your patrons, education, PubMed, twitter …. whatever you find important.(of course almost all post will fit into this).

It is really easy: just submit the permalink (url) of the post (you have already written on your blog) at the Blog Carnival submission form (you have to login, scroll down (!), submit links to selected posts and give an optional description).
Although this is preferred (archival function) you may also write me at laika dot spoetnik at gmail dot com.

The submissions are due at Saturdays 00.00 (Dutch Time), or 18.00 EST.

For further info see here for the Announcement and here for the FAQs.

Since this is only the first round I will also make a Grand Tour of my own, visiting a selection of blogs that I know.

Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have further questions.


By the way, I’m still looking for future hosts (April, May, June, July) (just comment here or email me).

Thanks Anne Welsh for hosting the April edition!



6 responses

5 02 2009

Hi Laika

I’d be happy to host a future round.

Well done on a(nother) brilliant idea!


5 02 2009

Hi, Anne.

I’m very pleased that you want to be a future host. Would April suit you?


5 02 2009

Yes indeed, that would be great. By then I’ll have had a chance to see the first two in action.


6 02 2009
Hope Leman

Oops–I guess I just email you–duh, Hope!

9 02 2009
Lisa Travis

I don’t have a blog, but I have something that would be of interest to many medical librarians. I link out to helpful free Web sites (interactive tutorials, animations, videos, etc.) for the osteopathic medicine, physician assistant, nursing, athletic training, kinesiology, and veterinary technology programs at my school. You can see the links by choosing a program under the heading for “Program Resources” on the left side of my library homepage.

9 02 2009
Lisa Travis

Here’s my medical library Web site:

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