Webex meeting Clinical Evidence

26 05 2008

After I’ve learned so many new internet communication tools I’m about to discover yet another: webex.
As many other information specialists I’ve been invited to participate in a Webex meeting, organized by BMJ Clinical Evidence, a database with appr. 200 evidence based syntheses of evidence (critical appraisals of a subject). This is a kind of an online training. I have to dial in, and use the computer as well.

I’m kind of curious, because I never joined such a meeting before. I also hope to learn a lot from it. Expect that it will be rather efficient, because the training takes only 20 minutes an it will deal with the following:

“We will be showcasing the newest features that have been added to BMJ Clinical Evidence and also highlighting some of the most exciting hidden gems that your users may not know about.

What you can expect to hear about:
– Our new GRADE scoring system
– Our advanced search and browse functions
– Our published inclusion-exclusion forms for new reviews
– The extra resources that we have created for you as information specialists to help make your lives easier”

So it seems they will give as a peep behind the scenes.

Well at least I hope to take the first hurdle: being able to follow the session.



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26 05 2008
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7 07 2008

I’m using WebEx for a number of years now and I can only recommend it.
You can get a Trial version at http://www.freewebextrial.om

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